By Anica Padilla

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — It’s rutting season and an “ornery” moose took out some frustration on someone’s Mercedes Benz in Boulder County.

The video taken by Chris Devlin was shared by with Boulder County Open Space, along with a warning.

“It’s rutting season for moose and elk and they’re feeling quite ornery right now!” officials tweeted. “Please keep your distance from wildlife–no selfies!”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife seconded that warning.

“Bull moose will be aggressive and territorial during the rut, so always keep your distance,” CPW tweeted. “It’s also wise to keep something large between you and a moose, such as a boulder, car or tree.”

We’re guessing this car owner would advise you make it a boulder or a tree.


Anica Padilla

  1. Robert Gift says:

    Bullwinkle looks delicious! Would feed the family whose car he damaged.

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