By Shawn Chitnis

THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – High schools in Colorado had to declare by Monday morning if they wanted to participate in the Colorado High School Activities Association’s fall football season. Riverdale Ridge decided it would be better for their new program. Only three years old in the 27J school district, this will be there first season with seniors playing on their team.

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“I think that overall it makes more sense to do it now than the spring just because of the turnaround time,” said Riverdale Ridge head coach Wayne Voorhees. “We’re all in the same boat so that’s a good thing.”

Voorhees told CBS4 on Monday he worried about playing in the “C” season and then playing again in the fall of 2021. So he believes the “A” season will be a better fit even though they’re going to play with less training and workouts compared to a traditional season. He knows the importance of making sure students wear masks, he’s going to have gaitors that can easily be pulled up and down while players are coming on and off the field. The coaching staff will remind the team about social distancing as well.

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“I think they’re mature enough to understand it and the big thing we told them is if you have symptoms, you need to let us know, and not come to practice,” he said. “Stay in smaller groups, and people that you know and your family structure and what not, and try to get this season in.”

The team got together Monday afternoon on the field and will be together all week, their first official practice with helmets on is Thursday. By then, CHSAA plans to have schedules for all schools in the fall season. The first games will be played in October.

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“There’s a structure going on for kids at this point,” Voorhees said. “Which is going to help them physically and mentally and just kind of get back to our normal way of life somewhat.”

Shawn Chitnis


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