Less Than 1 Month Into The Fall Semester, Officials Ask Students To Move OutBy Karen Morfitt

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Less than a month into the school year and officials at The University of Colorado Boulder are asking students in a specific dorm to move out. The move will double the number of available dorms by using Darley North in Williams Village for quarantined students.

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“We are just getting settled and used to our roommates and our environments and now they are kind of just uprooting us a little bit,” freshman Isabella said.

Students in Darley North Residence Hall are moving to new rooms to make room for more isolation space as COVID-19 positive cases continue to soar among students.

“Cut the partying down please, we understand, we want to go out and have fun too,” another student pleaded to her classmates.

CU had 267 rooms before this move, the addition of Darley North will bring 314 more dorms reserved for students who need to be quarantined.

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They were first told about the change late Thursday night and have until Sunday to move out of one dorm and into another.

And students say it couldn’t come at a worse time.

“Balancing school work is going to be really tough. I’ve been communicating with my teachers asking for extensions. I’m pretty worried I going to fall behind on my classes,” freshman Steve said.

In addition to their frustration with the lack of communication, and the abrupt change to their daily life, some students will have new roommates and smaller rooms.

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The last minute change has opened up the door for questions about the university’s preparation before deciding to allow students back to campus.

“They knew it was going to happen, they just want money… they chase money,” one student told CBS4.

And while most students are relieved to be able to remain on campus, others believe it’s just a sign of what’s to come and are making big changes when it comes to their future.

“It’s better if I just go home and don’t waste time and money,” another student said.

Students are being given a $250 credit to their Bursar’s account, for the inconvenience of this short notification.

Earlier this week, Boulder County Public Health issued a strong recommendation to every CU Boulder student living in Boulder to self-quarantine in their Boulder home or residence hall for 14 days to contain the outbreak. Students are asked to only leave homes or residence halls for essential needs.

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