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(CBS4) — When the Denver Broncos face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, they will try to win at Heinz Field for the first time since 2006. The Broncos quarterback will also try to do something that hasn’t been done since Peyton Manning was guiding the team.

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Lock could become the first Broncos quarterback since Manning to have four consecutive games with a quarterback rating above 90.0. Manning reached the feat four times in a row in 2014.

Peyton Manning Quarterback Rating in October 2014:

  • Oct. 5 vs Arizona Cardinals – 110.2 quarterback rating – Broncos won 41-20
  • Oct. 12 at New York Jets – 117.9 quarterback rating – Broncos won 31-17
  • Oct. 19 vs San Francisco 49ers – 157.2 quarterback rating – Broncos won 42-17
  • Oct. 23 vs San Diego Chargers – 124.2 quarterback rating – Broncos won 35-21

Drew Lock Quarterback Rating Last Three Games:

  • Dec. 22, 2019 vs Detroit Lions – 99.6 quarterback rating – Broncos won 27-17
  • Dec. 29, 2019 – vs Oakland Raiders – 90.9 quarterback rating – Broncos won 16-15
  • Sept. 14, 2020 – vs Tennessee Titans – 95.0 quarterback rating – Titans won 16-14

A quarterback rating measures the quarterback’s passing ability and it’s comprised of percentage completion, percentage interceptions, percentage touchdowns and yards per throw.

Manning and Lock built their relationship when Lock attended Manning’s four-day Passing Academy while in college. Lock reached out to Manning for tips on how he would construct his offseason training and work with his wide receivers.

“I talked about organizing some workouts outside of the facility,” Manning said on an interview on 104.3 The Fan in April.

“You can kind of take some ownership as a quarterback and organize a retreat for your receivers. You can study tons of film from last year. I talked about I used to study my interception tape first. My sacks first. You study the negative first and what are the common threads. Why am I throwing interceptions?”

“I was just kind of sharing those type of things with him, but I try to do that with any quarterback that may pick my brain. But certainty with Drew being the Broncos quarterback, I’ve enjoyed trying to be there as a resource,” Manning said.

The Broncos (0-1) look to pick up the first win of the year against the Steelers (1-0) on Sunday at 11 a.m.

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