By Danielle Chavira

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver City Councilwoman Candi Cdebaca faces an ethics complaint filed by a Denver police officer. It follows an incident during a homeless camp cleanup in August.

The complaint suggests Cdebaca violated the City and County of Denver’s Code of Ethics.

Cdebaca is seen in police body camera video among protesters who were also filming the cleanup.

(credit: Denver)

The complaint alleges Cdebaca was inciting the crowd against them and she was trying to “ridicule police and further inflame an already tense situation.”

It further states the officer felt Cdebaca’s actions and comments toward police were “meant to dehumanize and humiliate officers on scene in front of the protesters. Her comment incited other protesters to demean officers and encourage them to continue to verbally abuse police officer.”

(credit: Denver)

Police say two officers were hit and kicked while they detained a man who was armed with what appeared to be a handgun. Police later determined it was an “identical replica.” One of the injured officers was kicked in the face, the complaint states.

CBS4 reached out to Cdebaca’s office for comment but have not heard back as of this writing.

*Editor’s note: The full complaint contains profanity used during the incident in August.

Danielle Chavira

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  1. Didn’t occur to you to examine the actual allegations? The complaint is already dismissed; contrary to your claim that “The complaint suggests Cdebaca violated the City and County of Denver’s Code of Ethics”, the Board of Ethics found that the complaint “did not allege a violation of the ethics code” (Denver 7). It also stated that the complaint wasn’t frivolous, but complaining to the Board of Ethics about conduct not violating the Ethics Code seems frivolous to me.

  2. Joe Bloe says:

    Typical of the breed at this point.

  3. maureen cho says:

    I am eagerly awaiting signing her recall petition. She’s an embarrassment to Denver, but especially D9 residents who voted for her expecting professionalism and results.

  4. Jay Alenby says:

    She is truly an example of living garbage. You should be disgusted with yourself if you voted for her. She has no intention of representing her constituents and only cares about her own misguided priorities.

  5. TomTancredoFan says:

    Candi CdeCACA is racist. In the ethics complaint filed against her today, video taken during an August altercation with police arresting a perceived armed protester, it shows her shaming a black cop for being there at all, and then telling a white cop, “You, I would expect this from you.” She then instructed him to read about slavery. CdeCACA hates all white cops and accuses them as corrupt and racist. Recall Candi CdeCACA!

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