DENVER (CBS4) – New technology is being developed to help people live through the coronavirus pandemic. One of the latest advances has just been unveiled at a restaurant in Lodo.

(credit: CBS)

“We’re just trying to adapt,” Sasha Anderson said.

Anderson is the general manager at The Pig & The Sprout restaurant. She told CBS4 they are the first restaurant in Denver to install a kind of artificial intelligence-based health screening kiosk.

“It’s been a struggle for sure, we’ve tried to embrace each step as we go through this process, the rules change frequently,” she said.

Staff and management hope this added equipment can help diners feel safe, and keep coming back for the hearty meat and vegan dishes the restaurant is known for.

Going through the screening is a fast process. Customers raise their hand under a sensor, and temperature is read and displayed.

(credit: CBS)

“It was not intrusive, just running your hand by the scan,” said customer Donna Wyatt.

If a potential guest’s temperature is 100 degrees or more, they’re asked to wait outside, then try again in a few minutes. During this time an email is sent to management. The device also detects whether a patron is wearing a mask, but patrons aren’t required to undergo the scan.

“Kind of feels like you’re getting a selfie taken, it’s a really easy way to ensure that everyone is being safe,” said Susan Wieser.

(credit: CBS)

The machine costs considerably more than a temporal thermometer with a price tag of $6,000. The technology was developed by Hoptix720.

“It’s working towards following the guidelines and staying as busy as we can and working as safely as we can,” Anderson added.

And for some, the machine offers a side of assurance.