SALIDA, Colo. (CBS4) – It’s been four months since Suzanne Morphew was reported missing after leaving her home for a bike ride on Mother’s Day. On Thursday, the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office provided an update on the investigation.

(credit: Morphew family)

Investigators are still following leads and tips and have not limited their search to one specific location.

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Detectives are planning another official search for Morphew in the near future.

Jennifer McRae

  1. alan says:

    after 4 months? Think of a deer hit by a car and 2 months or less it is merely an outline on the side of the road. The bones? Think of a large plate of ribs throwing out the bones and leaving them in the sun for 4 months. This is what happens to a mammal in the wild. Nothing left Assuming no clothes or shoes remaining if evil occurred and all signs that it did. We are mammals. Just running out the clock and we are talking millions of acres.

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