DENVER (CBS4) – Denver drivers should beware the city will start enforcing license plate/registration tags starting Sept. 8. The city paused enforcement because of the coronavirus pandemic.

(credit: CBS)

Drivers will outstanding parking tickets will also need to pay them. Vehicles with three or more unpaid tickets could be booted.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will also start monitoring school bus loading zones. Residents should not park there, officials say.

Street sweeping parking rules and meter parking during 8 a.m.-10 p.m. remain in effect.

City officials say they will continue to not enforce overnight parking at meters downtown, large vehicle parking or street paving citations.

LINK: Park Smart Denver

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  1. TomTancredoFan says:

    Whatever. It’d be great if the cities would enforce traffic laws along the I-25 corridor. Especially during early evening when frustrated F1 wannabes in their supercharged sports sedans weave through traffic at 90 miles an hour. Just the other night an idiot in a silver Acura decided to shoot a gap that didn’t exist, if not for my reflexive swerve to the empty lane next to me a multi-car accident would’ve been unavoidable.

  2. Monte Hill says:

    If this is case, it would be helpful if the tag office would catch up. We have been waiting since early July for our permanent tag on a newly purchased vehicle. We have tracking confirmation the paperwork was received, but numerous attempts to follow-up with the tag office have only been met with frustrating disconnects.The website discourages in person visits. We have renewed our temporary tag through the dealership, but the operative word there is “temporary.” For those of us who are vigilant about doing what the law requires, it would be nice if the respective agencies would do their part.

  3. chip saunders says:

    They have to get the money to clean up the destruction they allowed to happen in Downtown some way.

  4. WS Boyle says:

    It is about time. I renewed my tags by mail and I am tired of seeing what the police can’t see temporary tags that expired last year.

    1. chip saunders says:

      Too bad the commie mayor and the antifa/blm-supporting city council only enforce the laws they want to enforce.

      1. WS Boyle says:

        The mayor and the city council don’t enforce the registration laws the police do. Get your facts straight and quit telling lies like your hero does Trumpster.

        1. WSG says:

          And who tells the police what rules to enforce? The Police Chief you might say? Who appoints the Police Chief? The Mayor. Who tells the chief what to enforce? The Mayor and Council.
          Aside from the above argument, the CITY gave the order to not enforce this per the article. To quote the article: “The CITY paused enforcement because of the coronavirus pandemic.”
          That does not say POLICE stopped enforcement. The police would happily continue to enforce said laws, but were TOLD NOT TO by the CITY.
          It would help if you could read the entire article for FACTS before saying someone is lying. Sure seems Chip has it right by the facts I can read from the article above.

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