DENVER(CBS4)- Front Range skies have been a little hazy again here at the end of the week in Colorado. For several reasons, one of those being a little more wildfire smoke from the Cameron Peak Fire along with a little haze from western U.S. fires.

Denver from Mousetrap Cam

Denver from Mousetrap Cam (credit CBS4)

Although the smoke is not nearly as thick as it was a week ago. It is adding to the haze when seen from a distance.

View of Downtown Denver from the Tech Center (credit:CBS4)

The smoke plume from the Cameron Peak Fire in Larimer County can be detected on the GOES-16 visible satellite loop.

The added wildfire smoke and increase in ground level ozone (because of the heat) both are contributing to poor air quality in Denver.

credit CBS4

In fact, the Air Quality Alert is for all of the Colorado Front Range and Adjacent Plains.

credit CBS4

The current weather pattern of northwesterly winds will keep smoke flowing across the Front Range and eastern plains thru most of the weekend. An expected cold front on Tuesday will be doing wonders to clean out the air and help battle the fires burning in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Meteorologist Dave Aguilera


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