Shooting Victim Mystique Wadena Remains In Critical ConditionBy Dillon Thomas

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4)– A Loveland mother told police she doesn’t regret shooting her neighbor multiple times, according to police records obtained by CBS4. Tiera Marie Kelley, 36, faces first-degree attempted murder charges after she allegedly shot her next door neighbor multiple times Sunday afternoon.

Tiera Kelley (credit: Loveland)

According to a Loveland police report, Kelley started a fight with Mystique Wadena, 28, after accusing Wadena of being verbally abusive to her own children.

According to the documents, Kelley finished taking a shower and heard verbal abuse of a child. Kelley confronted Wadena, only wearing a towel, when the two started to fight. Kelley told police she was able to return to her apartment where she retrieved a .38 caliber revolver from a safe.

Kelley told police she loaded it with intent to “unload” the firearm on Wadena. She told police “if the first bullet did not work, the second one would.”

Kelley allegedly dressed herself before going in to the apartment hallway and shooting Wadena at least once. The report states she fired multiple times, and continued to do so as Wadena tried to leave the area.

The police report does not state Wadena was armed.

Mystique Wadena (credit: Wadena Family)

“We heard four shots, and immediately knew something wasn’t right,” said Michelle, a witness to the aftermath who wished not to share her last name.

Michelle said her boyfriend ran toward the gunfire to see if everyone was okay. She said that is when he found Wadena bleeding in the grass outside the Madison Avenue Apartments.

“(Wadena had a) gunshot wound her hand, or her arm. Also, one went to her abdomen, and an exit wound in her back,” Michelle recalled.

Kelley told police, after the shooting, she returned to her own apartment. There, she allegedly hid the gun under a mattress until she heard police responding.

Then, seemingly to conceal her alleged role in the shooting, she ran outside with peroxide to lead officers to believe she was a concerned neighbor trying to help.

Police noted the Kelley believed there was possible drug usage and distribution happening in Wadena’s apartment building. However, Kelley also told police she had smoked methamphetamine and drank alcohol before the shooting.

Friends and family of Wadena told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas they didn’t believe she was doing drugs or being abusive to her child. A family friend said Wadena was clean of drug usage. Her grandmother agreed, and said Wadena sometimes worked two jobs at a time to provide for her kids.

(credit: CBS)

“She’s a good mother and she loves her children, and they love her too,” said Vickie Mireles, Wadena’s grandmother.

Wadena was transported to Medical Center of the Rockies where she was treated for her gunshot wounds.

“A bullet hit her face,” Mireles said. “Her lung is punctured. Because one of the bullets went through her lung and her back.”

Wadena underwent surgery to repair her jaw, and her mouth is currently wired shut for recovery. Mireles said she was waiting to hear her granddaughter’s story of what happened.

The previous timeline of events was solely based on the statements of Kelley and a juvenile witness. A neighbor of Kelley’s said he knew her well enough to be surprised when he heard about the shooting. He told CBS4 he felt she must’ve either been provoked, or attacked, in order to do such a thing.

Mireles said, while her granddaughter recovers, the family is simply thankful for her survival.

“We were all praying for her, for a miracle. And God is giving us a miracle,” Mireles said.

A GoFundMe campaign has been created for the Wadena family.

Dillon Thomas

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