By Meteorologist Dave Aguilera

DENVER (CBS4)- Colorado’s welcome cool down has not only returned rain to many locations along with much cooler temperatures. The end of August pattern change has also, brought in a few flakes of snow for some mountain spots. The views from Aspen on Saturday morning revealed a small but, welcome dusting of snow on some of the surrounding peaks.

Composite radar from Saturday morning shows the rain showers soaking down a few areas of western Colorado. But, also, embedded in the imagery are a few signs of snow on some of the higher peaks. On the radar picture below the pink dots indicate snow or rain mixed with snow on some of the very, high mountain tops.


This may be the first dusting for the mountains around Aspen/Snowmass but, other areas of Colorado have also, picked up a few flakes this month. A few Coloradans have also, reported snow high up on Trail Ridge Road as well.


Meteorologist Dave Aguilera

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  1. Se1ene says:

    JEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ! Doesn’t this reporter know what commas are for? I have rarely seen a more illiterate use of non-purpose commas in my life!!! I am shocked that you also didn’t put apostrophes in everything, everywhere, willy-nilly, and Capitalize Where Not Needed, too.

  2. John Oakman says:


  3. Jeff Mason says:

    Good news for Colorado. But just like high temperatures in Death Valley don’t confirm Global Warming, snow in August is not confirmation that the next Ice Age is upon us. Live long enough and you’ll realize it’s just weather.

    1. Se1ene says:

      Exactly!! Headlines screaming “strongest hurricane in 100 years!” only means that a hundred years ago we had one just as strong. The latest “near record” heat in Death Valley wasn’t even as hot as the previous record. so what’s all the hoopla about? Cycles occur, happenstances converge, records are made to be broken, and a 100-year flood happens every 100 years.

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