By Ben Warwick

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – After a week of reporting positive COVID-19 cases and symptomatic students and staff, a Colorado Springs elementary school will stop in-person learning Friday. Frontier Elementary has one positive case and several other symptomatic community members.

More details will come out Sunday by noon regarding how quickly Frontier Elementary will reopen. For Friday, it is closed to in-person learning.

One student at Frontier Elementary School has a confirmed case of the virus. Several other staff and students were isolated and quarantined earlier this week. On Thursday, a second grade class, including two teachers and a paraprofessional, were told to quarantine.

School bus with flashing lights on a country road. (credit: istock)

Another Colorado Springs school, Aspen Valley High School, will shift to e-learning until further notice. One student in their building as recently as Monday is symptomatic. The school is a non-traditional high school that had started with in-person learning, has shifted to remote learning until further notice. The student in question does not have a lab-confirmed positive case, but is showing symptoms. Other students and staff deemed to have been in close contact are currently in quarantine.

Ben Warwick


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