By Meteorologist Ashton Altieri

DENVER (CBS4) – Thursday will be the 17th consecutive day in the Denver with a high temperature reaching over 90 degrees. And most days in recent weeks have been closer to 100 than 90 with several tied or broken records.

Thursday’s record high is 98 degrees from August 27, 2012 and there is a chance the record could be tied. The current forecast for Denver is to miss the record but still reach more than 10 degrees above normal for the end of August.

(source: CBS)

Even hotter temperatures will be found on the Eastern Plains Thursday afternoon with some areas expected to hit 100 degrees.

(source: CBS)

Then a summer cold front will bring significant relief the intense heat on Friday with very few places in Colorado reaching the 90s and the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins areas staying in the 80s for the first time since August 10.

(source: CBS)

The front will also trigger a better chance for rain that will continue into Saturday.

Even with the somewhat cooler weather going into the weekend, this August is guaranteed to set several heat related records including the most 90 degrees ever recorded in the August and the most days above 95 degrees as well.

(source: CBS)

The average temperature (daily highs and lows) so far is 78.4 degrees which could fall as low as 77.1 with the cooler weather this weekend and still allow August 2020 to be considered the hottest in Denver’s history.

(source: CBS)

A slight warm up is expected again on Sunday when temperatures will approach 90 degrees again before another summer cold front on Monday drops temperatures into the 70s. It will be the coolest day in Denver since June.

Meteorologist Ashton Altieri


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