DENVER (CBS4)– An Aurora man has been arrested for possessing a firearm after allegedly shooting it during a protest in Denver in May. Felix Missael Alva made his initial appearance in federal court on Monday afternoon.

Police say Alva, a Mexican national, was witnessed by a detective in Denver shooting a semi-automatic weapon into the air.

In June, officers executed a search warrant on an address in Aurora and found the weapon in question. Law enforcement also found that Alva was not legally in the U.S. That prohibits Alva from having weapons.

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  1. Laura says:

    Damn, I wonder how many people were disappointed that he did not mow down scores of rioters and arsonists

  2. Joseph Biden says:

    Good thing they charged him in Federal court. The crazy leftists in our local DA office would bend over backwards to let him get off scot free

  3. Robert Gift says:

    Keep firearms out of the reach of IDIOTS.
    Felix “Misfire” Alva and other morons like him are too stupid to realize that projectiles falling from the sky can kill?
    Thank you, detective.

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