By Jesse Sarles

(CBS4) – A total of 13 people have been arrested for the riots that took place in downtown Denver over the weekend. Denver officials called the group that caused problems on Saturday night anarchists.

(credit: CBS)

On Saturday night rioters threw fireworks at Denver police officers and started fires. They also smashed a store window in front of police.

“The anarchists that showed up last night brought weapons, they had guns, explosives, axes, machetes, they had one intent purpose and that was to harm our officers,” Murphy Robinson, Executive Director of the Denver Public Safety Department said on Sunday.

(credit: CBS)

The charges from the arrests range from criminal mischief to aggravated assault. Those arrested range in age from 19 to 32 and are a mix of males and females.

(credit: CBS)

One person was also arrested on Sunday night for public fighting in a similar outbreak of violence.

Protests against police brutality have been going on for months and some in the community feel not enough has been done to address the issue. It’s unclear at this point who organized this weekend’s gathering. A flyer online called for people to bring gear. It also said municipal leaders refused to address demands to abolish DPD.

“We know there is a coordinated effort to inflict some of these riotous activities.  We saw some of it last night in Chicago and other cities,” Mayor Michael Hancock said on Sunday.

Hancock vowed to hold suspects accountable, saying the city will do everything possible to stop these violent acts.

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Jesse Sarles

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  1. TomTancredoFan says:

    I’ve seen these Antifa terrorists carry signs that say “silence is violence”. Has Candi CeDeCACA denounced Saturday nights riots yet? Cat got Candi’s tongue? Is she Antifa’s secret representative in Denver City Council? Does she use the police scanner given to her to coordinate strategy with Antifa? These and other questions will never be asked by Denver’s media lackeys. Kyle Clark being King Of The Lackeys.

  2. WS Boyle says:

    some in the community feel not enough has been done to address the issue to punish those responsible for these acts of anarchy. Until the police take a firm stand and make major arrests these anarchists will keep right on destroying out community. What will happen when the anarchy minded go After the post offices to destroy our ballots in the mail. The police must remove these unlawful persons from the community In large enough groups to make a “WE ARE TIRED OF YOU AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TOLERATE YOUR ACTIONS ANYMORE” statement. Don’t house them in our jails take over the Pepsi Center(eminent domain) and erect one large fence (20 foot electrified) around the hockey rink. Turn on the floor chillers for ice and throw them in as they are. Feed them one slice of bread and one bottle of water each a day. Let them fight amongst them selves. When the Nuggets and Avs need their facility back make them cleanup the mess and then load them on prison type busses and head to the Mexican border and kick them from the bus without slowing dow. I would subscribe to a Pay-Per-View just to watch them trying to survive.———-I can’t believe how evil and sadistic I am so don’t bother to tell me.

  3. WS BOYLE says:

    They also smashed a store window in front of police. Which in all likelihood the police stood there, watched, and did nothing.

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