DENVER (CBS4) – Adoption can transform the lives of children, especially those living in foster care. Ryan Harris was an offensive tackle for the Denver Broncos, during his NFL career. He knows all too well the power of having caring adults in your life.

“My mother had me and then met my father, and I call him my father because my father adopted me. In my earliest memories, he’s always been there. And, I know first hand the impact and power, not even in the words, but just in the presence. And the example of having a man in my life to teach me, you know, how to put Milk Duds into popcorn when you go to the movies, how to handle failure, I mean these are all things that every kid really wants to know how to do. How to be successful. And because my father adopted me, I’ve been a part of an amazing family my entire life,” Harris told CBS4’s Britt Moreno.

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Harris has been a long time supporter of the Adoption Exchange, and has even appeared in one of CBS4’s Wednesday’s Child segments.

“It’s an amazing organization that really highlights the community need. We have a need in our community, and it’s with our youth,” Harris said. “My wife’s family has been a part of having foster children their whole life. They just recently graduated a foster child, and he’s got a job now. And as a man of faith, service is really big to me and to many of the community of faith. And, we have a need to serve our youth in this community, here, in the Denver Metro area. You can do it through helping adopt a child or even just supporting the organization.”

When a child gets adopted out of foster care, he or she are 110-percent more likely to go to college. They are 200% more likely to get help with depression and other mental health issues, and they’re also likely to make 75% higher incomes than those without a caring adult in their lives.

“It’s a tremendous impact. You get to shape lives, and you allow people a chance, and a lot of the kids, especially in foster care, need every chance they can get,” Harris said.

You can help a child in the foster care system, by supporting The Adoption Exchange. They’re the experts in finding permanency for older children in care, siblings, and children with disabilities. Call 303-755-3975, text “Adopt” to 91999, or click the donation button on

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