DENVER (CBS4) – In Colorado, there are 435 children living in foster care who are eligible for adoption. They are the most vulnerable children in our society, and permanency is the thing that will make them thrive.

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“So in this one I’m in an inflatable bubble and I’m walking on a pool,” Evie said as she points to a picture in a photo album.

The album is full of fun family memories. Evie catalogs all her new experiences with her new parents, Justin and Amanda.

“This is my friend Larisa, from my last foster home. This is my Mom’s friend, Corrine… my aunt, Heather,” Evie says as she points to a picture from her adoption day.

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Another new experience, Evie was in a courtroom on June 11th, 2019 for her adoption finalization.

“I’ve gotten to experience being adopted,” Evie explained. “It’s a relief to know that you’re never going to have to move families again and never have that uncertainty.”

“Of course, Evie is just a blessing. She’s definitely our child. People say she looks like us, she acts like us, she just belongs with us,” said Justin, Evie’s adoptive father.

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In the last year, the family has grown together but it hasn’t always been easy.

“When you adopt, you know, it’s kind of like jumping into the deep end, and so you need a little catch up,” said Amanda, Evie’s adoptive mother.

Justin, Amanda, and Evie have gotten a lot of help from Specialized Services for Families & Youth, or SAFY, and adoption services organization just like the Adoption Exchange.

“When you dive in as a first-time parent to a trauma 10-year-old, it’s kind of a lot, and they’re there to help that process,” Justin explained.

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As this new family gels, Evie is coming into her own. She’s gone from being a C-student to getting A’s, she’s off here independent education plan, and she’s making new friends.

“I’m really happy that I’m adopted. Adoption has been my life-long wish, and when I was adopted, it just feels like 100,000, at least, pounds were lifted off my chest and my life has been so much easier since I got adopted,” Evie told CBS4.

You can help a child just like Evie by tuning into A Day for Wednesday’s Child on CBS4, Wednesday, August 19th. You can make a donation or get information about adoption by calling 303-755-3975. You can text “adopt” to 91999 to give. Or go to the Day 4 Wednesday’s Child donation page to give online.

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