DENVER (CBS4) – Most organizations are struggling in the wake of coronavirus, and the Adoption Exchange is no exception. But the connections they maintain with children in foster care are too critical to let slip. The Adoption Exchange made a quick pivot to keep serving Colorado’s most vulnerable children. Recruiters initiated online visits with their kids, and offered sensory breaks. The organization also held virtual “coffee hours” and celebration Fridays for caregivers, gave informational webinars, and pulled together at-home activities to help families stay busy. But adoption is the best thing that can happen to a child in foster care, and that’s what the Sudowski family wishes for all eligible kids living in foster care.

“The work that they’re doing is really critical for Colorado and we hope that folks will continue to support them,” said Jay Sudowski.

(credit Jay Sudowski)

Jay Sudowski and his first wife adopted Simon and Adrian 10 years ago. The brothers had a rough start in life, and tested their new parents. With time, patience, and love, Jay helped the boys heal, and grow up strong.

“I don’t think without the stability that i got form being adopted I would have been able to succeed in life like I have or been able to get into a college, or be able to actually express myself in a way that doesn’t seem to be destructive and harmful to others or myself,” Adrian told CBS4.

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Adrian graduated from high school this year and looks forward to college when the normalizes some. Simon recently graduated from Emily Griffith Technical College.

“Simon, what would you say to maybe a potential parent who’s thinking maybe I’ll adopt what would be your advice for a parent?” asked CBS4’s Britt Moreno on a zoom call with the family.

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“I would say, “Definitely do it because you’re giving this child or children a new opportunity at life. You can help guide them to the right direction and help support them,'” Simon replied.  “There was a lot of ups and downs but with their guidance I got through it and where I am today.”

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