By Danielle Chavira

(CBS4) – In response to the number and severity of wildfires burning in Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis announced a 30-day ban on open fires statewide. He made the announcement at a scheduled news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

He says three of the four fires burning were likely caused by human activity. The Pine Gulch Fire near Grand Junction was caused by lightning. The Williams Fork Fire burning near Fraser was listed as caused by humans. An official word on cause for the Grizzly Creek Fire, although it’s thought to be from sparks from dragging chains or a vehicle rim, and Cameron Peak Fire has not been released.

Polis also noted the extremely hot weather Colorado and firefighters are experiencing.

“We need to do everything that we can to prevent fires from starting in the first place,” he said.

The ban includes campfires and fireworks, and other open sources of ignition. Home BBQs, approved, covered fire pits are allowed.

“The statewide measure on fire bans will provide clarity of message,” Polis said.

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Danielle Chavira

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  1. TomTancredoFan says:

    Of course, Polis’ latest decree doesn’t pertain to the peaceful protesters should they take their docile demonstrations to the high country. Because the bottom line is, incendiary devices are just an exercise in first amendment rights no matter where they’re thrown.

  2. Captain America says:

    A little late now, isn’t it Polis?
    That’s all you got is ban, ban, ban. You’re a feckless tool.

    Face it folks, the Government at all levels, really can’t do anything to protect you, stop abrogating all your rights to the lyin’ leftist trash. Take your rights back.

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