CASTLE PINES, Colo. (CBS4) – A motorcycle rider was seriously injured after a pickup truck swerved into him while he was traveling down Interstate 25 north of Castle Rock. Dashcam video from another driver who was nearby shows the incident on Sunday, and it appears the driver of the truck swerved into the motorcyclist on purpose.

(credit: Gil Steiner)

The pickup truck is seen on the video initially steering across several lanes of the interstate before pausing for a moment in the left middle lane. Then a second later, the vehicle swerves into the motorcycle rider, who was with several other riders in the far left lane.

The motorcyclist’s brother identified him as 54-year-old Quentin Quidley from Florida.

Quentin Quidley (left) and his brother (credit: Quidley family)

The motorcycle then careens into the concrete barrier to its left, the rider loses control and rolls over.

(credit: Gil Steiner)

It happened approximately a mile north of the Meadows Parkway exit in Castle Pines.

Quidley was taken to a hospital with serious bodily injuries and head trauma.

Officials with the Colorado State Patrol said they contacted the driver, a 38-year-old man from Denver, who stayed at the scene. The investigation is ongoing. It’s not clear yet whether charges will be filed.

Jesse Sarles

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  1. Sharon Sorg says:

    We are outraged! This is obviously a deliberate act on the part of the pickup driver. Why has he not been charged with attempted vehicular manslaughter?!!!

  2. SmithL says:

    Actually, the driver of the truck did not stay on the scene. You can clearly see he had no intention of staying. He took off and eventually pulled over way down the highway only because he was being followed by one of the other bike riders.

    Certainly hope we will find out if the truck driver has been charged in this case.

  3. TomTancredoFan says:

    Welcome to Colorado, biker from Florida! Here we got trucks by the truckload. Lifted and loaded, King Ranch and TRD, Raptors and Heavy Duty, Dualies and diesel fuelies. Tow rating and lots of compensating. Only Texas has more. And they own the road. Barreling down the highway two inches off your bumper. Might makes right. Get well and safe trip back.

    1. Jack Clancy says:

      And many times on the cellphone texting.

  4. Jack Clancy says:

    Hey stupid they have your plate. The we will know who you are.

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