DENVER (CBS4) – Timothy Hummel, 26, of Colorado Springs, pleaded guilty Monday to threatening to kill federal law enforcement officers.

Hummel messaged a U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement office a year ago and made the threats against ICE agents and members of their families, according to court documents.

Those documents show Hummel, on Aug. 14, 2019, left two voicemails with the Denver Field Office of ICE’s Enforcement Removal Operations, located in Centennial, a few minutes apart. The messages were filled with profanity.

An email was then received at that office at 7:17 p.m.:

“You better have some might fine security for your agents in the field because the fire’s coming your way. Every agent we find will be targeted. Every family member. Every wife or husband, every child, every aunt and uncle will be a target, every grandmother will be a target. We have a multitude of individuals ready to sacrifice what needs be to be rid of every last one of you we can possibly find. If you are seen on any of the streets, beware. The fire is coming and you can (sic) stop it. Shoot us of (sic) you will, detain us as much as you want. There will always be more of us. And less of you.”

The message was sent from Hummel’s personal gmail account.

Hummel made his initial appearance in Denver federal court on August 10th. He reported remotely while free on bond, and remained free on bond after the hearing.

Hummel was contacted by FBI agents in January at his work site. He consented to an interview with agents at the Colorado Springs Police Department, admitted to making the threats, said he never meant to carry out the threats, and apologized.

Monday, Hummel pleaded guilty to a single charge of Threatening To Murder Federal Law Enforcement Officers as part of a plea agreement.

Hummel is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 26. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of a quarter million dollars.



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