By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – If the month of August ended today it would go down tied with 2011 for the hottest on record in Denver. Through August 14 the average temperature has been 77 degrees at the airport. With a few weeks to go that number will change but not by much. The extended outlook currently calls for more of the same.

Saturday will make Day 55 with Denver’s high hitting 90 degrees or higher and Sunday will be Day 56. As long as nothing unforeseen holds us back, by the time we reach Sunday evening, we’ll be tied for 5th place on Denver’s Top 5 list of 90 degree days in a season.

The long range forecast doesn’t offer a lot of hope to break this pattern. There’s a big ridge of high pressure parked over the western United States and until it moves we will see more of the same.

Chris Spears


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