DENVER (CBS4) – The public health order requiring people to wear face masks in public in Colorado has been extended for another month. Gov. Jared Polis extended the statewide mandate Friday afternoon, just as it was set to expire.

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The extended mandate is now in effect through Sept. 13.

The governor amended the order to allow exceptions for certain events, including people officiating weddings, funerals and other religious ceremonies.


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  1. colorado citizen says:

    There has been no revision or written update on the executive order nor any updates on the official government sites. All I see is media saying it is extended but no signed orders of it being true.

  2. repsort says:

    This isn’t how things work in a republic. We’re a nation ruled by law, not men.
    The emergency if over, I won’t comply with your silly edict based on the flimsiest of science.. It’s simply superstition at this point.
    If you want masks to be law, pass a law.

  3. Stephen Johnson says:

    Anyone surprised? It will be extended to the end of September, then through Thanksgiving, and so on. We’re way past irrational and into the Twilight Zone.

  4. The sheep just continue grazing while I continue to respectfully not comply with dehumanizing mask decrees.

    Enough is enough. Show your opposition:

    1. Janie Kale says:

      Weird that you’re so proud to be a selfish prick. Sad!

      1. Aerisot says:

        These have to be fake accounts.

      2. Thank you for your remarks Janie. You are understandably stressed out during this time of government overreach.

        I will vehemently defend your right to wear a mask. Immunocompromised individuals should be taking necessary precautions, just like always.

        Thanks and God bless!

  5. masksaremuzzles says:

    Tyrants gotta tyrant.

    Recall this leftist loser now.

  6. socialismkills says:

    Didn’t pay Napolisan any mind when he ordered it, won’t pay him any now.

    Sorry little leftist weasel.

  7. TomTancredoFan says:

    The Squire of Gothos is having so much fun with his subjects. Unfortunately Trelane’s parents indulged their naughty little boy too much and now we are suffering the consequences.

    1. Janie Kale says:

      Wow, you’re really suffering. You got used to wearing pants in public, didn’t you? It’s not that hard. Let’s see how you do on a ventilator!

      1. Hi Janie. I would never wish for anybody to be on a ventilator. Not to worry – your odds of having more than the sniffles from coronavirus are miniscule. Nobody is preventing you from wearing a mask if you are weak and/or afraid. God bless!

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