By Jennifer McRae

CONIFER, Colo. (CBS4)– Colorado Park and Wildlife hope that someone sees the bull elk with a tire caught around his neck so they can catch up to him. The elk recently made another appearance on a wildlife cam near Conifer.

(credit: Colorado Parks & Wildlife)

The big guy is seen walking towards the camera with the tire still around his neck. Then he stops for a minute to look around, giving the camera a pretty good look at his predicament.

Apparently, CPW agents have seen this elk before and want to remove the tire from his neck. The animal was captured on a wildlife camera in June.

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Anyone who has seen this elk is urged to call CPW so they can track him down and help him out before the fall rut.

“If they tangle with another elk and they certainly will during the rut, they will become entangled, if nobody sees them a lot of times one or both of them will wind up dying,” said Scott Murdoch with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

He was last seen on the wildlife cam near Conifer and has been seen near Mt. Evans.

Anyone who has seen the elk is urged to call Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Jennifer McRae