By Meteorologist Lauren Whitney

As two major wild fires continue to burn in western Colorado, our air quality has greatly diminished in many areas. We once again have Air Quality Alerts from the Western Slope to the Front Range, as the smoke and haze from those fires funnels east.

This means the hazy and unhealthy air quality will be sticking around for awhile. If you have any respiratory issues, this may be a tough time for you and limiting your outdoor time may be best.

Our heat also continues well through the weekend. We’ve had 53 days in the 90s so far this year, and we’ll tack on a few more as we should stay in the 90s through Sunday. We most likely will stay in the 90s through early next week as well, but a few models show a drop to the upper 80s.

Along with the haze and the heat, we will also continue to stay very dry. By Sunday, a few isolated storms could fire up. However it won’t be the soaking, widespread rain we desperately need.

Meteorologist Lauren Whitney


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