DENVER (CBS4)– The City of Denver is targeting large gatherings of people that seem to be popping up along Federal Boulevard for health reasons. Police say large crowds during cruises along that busy stretch have led to an increase in illegal activity as well as the potential to spread coronavirus.

(credit: CBS)

City leaders also say the recent activity is hurting small, family-owned businesses nearby that are already struggling to keep their doors open during the pandemic.

Denver City Councilwoman Jamie Torres said cruising Federal Boulevard has been a tradition for decades but lately, it is bordering on something more dangerous.

“We’re still in a pandemic, and our behavior, we don’t want it to invite more police interaction into our community. They’re here to keep us safe, but they’re also going to enforce laws and we don’t want that come down hard on our youth,” said Torres.

(credit: CBS)

Denver police said they are working with the community to ensure officers have an increased presence in the area and that officers will enforce the laws as needed.

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