By Anica Padilla

DENVER (CBS4) – The mother of a 7-year-old boy who was found dead in a storage unit, encased in a block of concrete, was given the maximum sentence Wednesday. Elisha Pankey pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in the death of Caden McWilliams and was sentenced to 32 years in prison.

Elisha Pankey (credit: Denver Police)

In December 2019, a large block of concrete was found inside a dog carrier in a storage unit in the 5000 block of East Evans Avenue. The next day, officials removed the remains of what appeared to be a child from the block of concrete. In late February an autopsy report indicated that body was that of McWilliams.

Caden McWilliams (credit: Facebook)

The boy had methamphetamine in his system and numerous injuries. He was also severely emaciated. Investigators could not determine the cause of death but said child maltreatment was a contributing factor. It’s believed McWilliams died in the summer of 2018.

(credit: Martha McWilliams/Facebook)

Pankey pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in death and will face a prison sentence of between 16 and 32 years. Her sentencing hearing was scheduled for Oct. 3.

Leland Pankey (credit: Denver District Attorney’s Office)

In February, Leland Pankey, McWilliams’ biological father, received the maximum sentence of 72 years for his role in Caden’ death.

In addition, the courts ordered restitution of more than $6,000 to be paid by both parents.

Anica Padilla

  1. Nick Nicholson says:

    32 years for killing your kid … FOLKS that is a serious JOKE. Your Anti American Judges need to do your job or step down and let someone else that will do the job correctly. These hand slapping punishments is why the KILLING OF GOD INNOCENT CHILDREN CONTINUES

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