By Conor McCue

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Dueling rallies turned violent in Fort Collins on Saturday. The violence ended with multiple people being arrested and detained by Fort Collins police.

(credit: Major League Liberty/Facebook)

A pro-police rally gathered outside police headquarters on South Timberline Road. Counter protesters arrived, and tensions quickly escalated.

“Both sides had active aggressors, and enforcement action was taken against people identifying with both groups,” police stated on Sunday. “Officers are reviewing video and actively working to determine who these people were so they can be held accountable.”

A large number of police supporters were seen on video clashing with counter protesters in a drainage ditch between homes, away from the main protests. It is not clear what preceded this encounter.

It is also not clear which group the counter protesters were associated with.

While many were fistfighting, some were seen using objects — like a pole with an American flag attached to it and a baton — as weapons. Police then broke up the fight.

“You see some of the images — somebody with an American flag poking at somebody else who’s in a fight with somebody,” said Chief Jeff Swoboda. “What kind of cowardly act is that?”

Anyone with more information or video is asked to contact Detective CJ O’Loughlin at 970-416-2571.

“If there are people out there claiming to support the police but go out there in a manner that’s not consistent with our values — our values of respect and integrity and service — that T-shirt doesn’t buy you the respect of police departments. We don’t want your support if that’s the way you act out there,” Swobota said.

On Monday afternoon, Fort Collins police said they are planning to make more arrests in connection with the violence over the weekend. Those suspects have not been named.

Conor McCue

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  1. Mike Arvand says:

    Even though the article is mostly pap and tries to incense people with poor information, they do make a salient point.

    If you support antifa, BLM and the anti police – or any of the anti America groups rioting, looting, and trying to tear this country apart. you are a terrorist – and at that point you pretty much deserve to get stabbed by a polearm bearing the American flag

  2. Michael west says:

    The flag was used to Hold a ‘peaceful protester’ back from attacking someone else. He used it much like he would hold down the head of the snake. Oh, that’s what he was doing; holding down a snake.

  3. K says:

    The flag was used as a weapon because it was what the person had to defend themselves!

  4. Louis Scott says:

    Political bias was on full display as soon as the word “counter-protester” was used to describe a group that opposes a peaceful rally.

    Let me help you:

    A rally supports a current policy.
    A protest opposes a current policy.

    A person who attendees a rally is a supporter.
    A person who attendees a protest is a protester.

    A person who protests a rally would therefore be called a protester. In this case Antifa are protesting that Blue Lives Matter. Their message is clear – Blue Lives don’t matter to Antifa.

    Words matter. And when the author chooses to use biased ones with intent to push a narrative they no longer qualify as a journalist and the person who approves the article is no longer an editor, they are a pundit. Not reporting the ALLEGED attack on the disabled person, which provoked the crowd to action, instead of saying it was unknown is bad faith at best.

    Marxism has corrupted the modern press to the point most major cities newspapers are completely incapable of reporting news without bias, they have EARNED the title “The lying press” once more and should fear the consequences that brings.

    1. Kim says:

      Well said!

  5. Howards Ghost says:

    Crush Your Enemies

    See Them Driven Before You

    1. James Lowell says:

      We will! Trust me.

  6. astralweeks says:

    I take away two things from this report. The first is the media is still trying to present a false narrative by covering for and lying about Antifa, to the point they ignore the assault by Antifa on a wheelchair bound man. The second thing this shows is that Antifa snowflakes can’t fight worth a lick.

  7. Simon S. says:

    I don’t know, the only violent thugs I see in this video is a bunch of pudgy broflakes beating up on a handful of people laying in a ditch. What I am I missing? Looks like a big man-love pile going on. Problem that solves itself. Let them beat each other to death.

    1. James Lowell says:

      You’re missing nothing. It’s like ants destroying a threat to their nest. Get used to it! The deeper you go – the worse it gets!

  8. Mike G says:

    Look at all of these bootlickers in comment section. Show me on the doll where antifa hurt you.

    1. astralweeks says:

      That’s the thing. The way they fight, they can’t hurt anybody.

  9. Jeff Bassett says:

    The Antifa protesters entered a conservative neighborhood and got kicked out. At the last moment, they pushed a wheel chaired handicapped person down a hill and attacked him in retribution. THAT’S when heck broke loose. The FULL story was covered with video on The Right Scoop page, where you can see a little better non biased approach to this story.

  10. Trump supporters (more often than not, patriotic Americans) are fed up with the lawless left. It may indeed be time to take the law and its enforcement into our own hands, especially since idiotic mayors and governors are defunding the police. Yes..we on the right need to defend the police in any way we can. We are not animals like Antifa, but if you are going to vanquish them, you must do it where they live…in the gutter.

  11. Thoth al Khem says:

    Those antifa punks got what the deserved and WHY NOT use the Flag as a weapon especially since he was really defending NOT antagonizing. I lived in Colorado (Fort Garland) for 3 winters and 7 moons and those punks are lucky they were not shot. If his Police weren’t so pussified then the real men of Colorado would NOT have had to deal with those George Soros funded IDIOTS.

  12. Ruckweiler says:

    Well, these anti-US thugs want to play then this is what’s going to continuing to happen.

    1. James Lowell says:

      They might better stay in their “safe zone”. It isn’t “safe” in the suburbs or rural areas. They need a liberal “professor” to counsel them before they “MOVE FORWARD”. Wasn’t that O’s tag line?

  13. Frederick A Fabricius says:

    That police chief either biased, a dolt, or both. And so is the editor of this story. Why would this this story not report that the man with the flag claims he was stopping a knife attack? I think we ALL understand that this station, and by extention the editor, can’t stand the people defending law and order. I get it,,,you don’t believe the guy with the flag because he supports the police and his neighborhood. But to not even report his defense of his actions displays your easily demonstrable bias.

  14. tngilmer says:

    To hell with the AntiFA thugs and their protectors among the government. It is time for the people to rise up and beat the living hell out of these miscreants and if their protectors like Swoboda get in the way, beat him too.

  15. Fritz says:

    Its about time people started fighting these violent leftest antifa thugs! They are coming for the Suburbs now and you will see more of this when they do! We do not want these democratic party terrorist Militia’s anywhere near our homes!

    1. James Lowell says:

      I’m waiting on them to come to the rural areas – the deeper they go – the more difficult their travels become.

  16. Concerned with the facts says:

    Not that this yellow journalist care about the facts, but it has been established that the flag wielding person was using it to prevent an out of town protester (Anti-fa?) from taking a knife out of his pocket. Of course being a “peaceful protester”, he probably picked it up after a MAGA thug dropped it and simply wanted to return it.
    This fake news article slanted to defend criminals along with the statements from the mental midget Chief Swoboda, and all of the left wing lunatics supporting this pitiful excuse for a policeman, is just another example of a newspaper emulating the NYT.

  17. Kim says:

    Swoboda, Mayor Laurie is calling you.

    1. James Lowell says:

      Shubuta, MS needs a police chief – but they won’t put up with this BS.

  18. jabusse says:

    I seriously doubt I would support the police chief. Seems like an angry bird. The anti’s harmed a vet in a wheelchair. The police should have stood back and let the anti’s get pounded. But what do they do? Wow. bet they arrest the girls operating a lemonade stand too.

    1. I’m the “Vet in a wheelchair.” Nobody pushed me from either side of this conflict. Nobody. If there were “aggressors on both sides,” it was only because one side viciously put their faces in the way of fists swinging at them.

      1. anon says:

        you’re a fake account. there is video of the man in the wheelchair being attacked. The antifa members ran away as soon as the police arrived. GTFO.

  19. Dagon says:

    The police are afraid of tweets, otherwise they would help good people

  20. TS Rohnevarg says:

    All of these media outlets are deliberately LYING. The Patriot was clearly using the flag to hold the vermin DOWN, not to stab him with it. Good Americans can see through this deceit, but the sheeple follow along.

  21. Hubba Bubba says:

    Thank you patriots in Fort Collins. Portland police sit on their hands. You take action to gain control! Great use of the American flag, used in the defense of Liberty!!!!

  22. Loose Cannon says:

    Point of Fact. The communist that got “poked” with the flag staff pulled a knife and was held down by the patriot with the flag. The patriot with the baton looked took one weak swing at the communist and was immediately stopped by the other patriots. Pull your head out Swoboda! The patriots are on YOUR SIDE!!!

  23. TomTancredoFan says:

    Chief Swoboda seems confused and bewildered by who did what, who started what, who’s at fault. Here’s a primer on the logistics of the recent unrest Chief: Just like the folks who organized a peaceful pro-police rally in Denver’s civic center, the people who organized this one in your town were visited upon by antifa thugs looking to fight and bash heads. Unlike the Denver rally, this one had some big strong dudes who can defend themselves quite capably. When an antifa thug started it by assaulting a veteran in a wheelchair, it was on. Antifa got their tails whipped. As they should’ve. This will be the blueprint for future patriotic rally’s. Antifa’s antics have become tiresome and the tide has turned.

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