By Justin Adams

(CBS4) – A law banning some transgender student-athletes from competing in Idaho went into effect last month. While many states, including Colorado, have introduced similar bills, Idaho is the first state to have passed such legislation.

Now, a Colorado athlete is joining the fight for an even playing field.

(credit: CBS)

Madison Kenyon is a Women’s Track and Field Cross Country runner at Idaho State University. She’s from Johnstown, Colorado.

During her freshman season last year, she raced against June Eastwood, the first transgender student-athlete to compete in Cross Country in Division I. Kenyon lost to Eastwood in a meet and thought that was unfair since Eastwood was born a male.

“When you look at a lot of the facts and how a male body develop, their puberty and all the advantages that they have biologically have on a female, it really bugged me,” Kenyon said.

(credit: Alliance of Defending Freedom)

Kenyon and her teammate Mary Marshall are partnering with the Alliance of Defending Freedom who are siding with Idaho’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. Signed by Idaho’s Gov. Brad Little on March 30, the act makes Idaho the first state to ban transgender athletes from competing in female sports.

The American Civil Liberties Union strongly opposes the Women’s in Sports Act and is calling for the NCAA to pull all events from the state.

The group claims the law blatantly targets an already marginalized community in athletics and decreases their participation in sports.

The NCAA responded to the ACLU’s demand by restating its opposition to the law, saying that it is “harmful to transgender student-athletes and conflicts with the NCAA’s core values of inclusivity, respect and the equitable treatment of all individuals.”

That is not how Keyon views the Women’s in Sports Act.

Madison Kenyon (credit: CBS)

“I feel like when girls talk about this, they get a lot of backlash, and it shouldn’t be like that because this is just promoting fair competition. And we just want to have the opportunities that Title IX is supposed to protect to us.”

The NCAA says it will announce whether it will pull its events out of Idaho later this month.

Justin Adams

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  1. Every single year, the world record for women is beaten by hundreds of high school athletes. Allowing XY persons to compete against actual women will destroy women’s sports.

  2. dobettercbs says:

    Why publish a story about trans athletes without interviewing trans athletes? You are doing a disservice to the Denver community by ignoring the voices of the people being victimized and attacked through these transphobic policies. Just copy&pasting the ACLU’s position is not the same as doing the work and publishing the personal views of trans athletes, and how this will impact them. Do better, CBS Denver.

  3. Common Sense says:

    I don’t care what the doctor cuts off or adds to the human body, a male will ALWAYS be a male and same with a female. Real females should NEVER have to compete against doctored up males and I stand behind Governor Little for protecting female rights. Too bad the Colorado governor does not do the same. If the NCAA wants to have “equitable treatment of all individuals” then they really need to review and make changes to their athletic policies. Kevin is right on when it comes to the audacity of the ACLU.

  4. Steve S says:

    For 99.99% of people affected by this there’s a simple solution. If you were born with a Y chromosome, you compete as a guy.

    Not fair to everyone? No, but the Rolling Stones had it right a long time ago: You can’t always get what you want.

  5. Robert Gift says:

    Wish I could have declared I was transgendered in high school. Would have become a track star beating all the females against whom I would have competed.

  6. Kevin Keishardu says:

    The ACLU needs to keep their noses out of sports. If the ACLU wants to host a variety of sports event for the Alternate Gender Humans then the ACLU can do so on their dime.

    Constantly catering to whatever subcultures that want to be different for whatever reason and making laws to protect them is becoming laughable. These Alternate Gender Humans that want to compete in their alternate gender can get together and compete among themselves. Alternate lifestyle Humans do not need to be competing against biological genders that will allow the Alternate Gender Humans a huge advantage.

    The only people having a problem with this is the Alternate Gender Humans wanting to cheat their way to accolades and the ACLU that jumps at the chance to defend anything and attack anyone regardless of common sense or how wrong it is.

    The ACLU started out with some great sentiment but over the years have turned into a self serving victimhood creationist company. I hope the other states force out the NCAA if that sports organization tries to suck up to the ACLU. Neither organization has any common sense, just wanting to hold onto job positions by being politically stupid.

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