FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – A six-pack of Fat Tire costs $100 on Friday in selected areas. The reason behind the extremely high cost is to bring awareness to climate change. That’s according to Steve Fechheimer, New Belgium Brewing Company’s CEO, who said the special price is only for the day, which is also International Beer Day.

Fat Tire Beer

(credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company)

Fechheimer told CBS4 the $100 price tag reflects what beer could cost in 50 years if more isn’t done to combat climate change, specifically legislation and citizen action. Climate change already affecting the brewery in Fort Collins in many negative ways.

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“The biggest issue is the consistent availability of those key products — we need clean water, it’s over 90% of beer that you purchase, but our access to hops and barley are critical, citrus fruits often as well are a big part of what ends up in our beers. And the climate crisis is changing the growing season, it’s changing the growing locations, frankly some of the massive storms we’ve seen and the flooding has changed the availability of these ingredients to us,” Fechheimer said.

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The brewery says Fat Tire is the first certified carbon neutral beer and that they’ve been a leader in sustainability in the brewing scene since their founding.

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New Belgium Brewing Company helped launch Colorado on the craft beer scene, thanks in a large part to the amber ale’s immense popularity. Last year the employee-owned Colorado company announced a plan to sell to Little Lion World Beverage, a global craft beverage company based in Australia.