COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– A Colorado Springs woman who kept a fox as a pet said Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers seized the fox and euthanized the animal. Ashley Yeager said she saw the fox in trouble two years ago and reported it.

(credit: Ashley Yeager)

Yeager said the CPW officer told her not to interfere and to let nature run its course. Yeager rescued the fox anyway and named him “Flash.”

She continued to care for him like a pet. Yeager even started an Instagram page. Someone tipped off wildlife officers and they stepped in.

(credit: Ashley Yeager)

“To let a small kit die just because it’s wildlife isn’t right,” said Yeager.

“Wildlife are not pets. Under no circumstances should people take animals from the wild and try to keep them as pets,” said an officer with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “This is a super tragic situation. None of us are happy with the outcome, which is why we are reaching out to people and begging them to just not take things from the wild.”

(credit: Ashley Yeager)

CPW said the fox had to be euthanized because it had lived too long with people and would not survive in the wild. People can be fined for taking in wild animals. In this case, Yeager was not cited because CPW said the pain of losing an animal that had been like a pet was punishment enough.

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  1. Maggie Friedenbach says:

    So sad all around. Wrong on both sides here. Most conservation people def will advise to let nature take its course because it can be dangerous for untrained people to try to rescue wild animals. Since she did rescue it she should have gotten it to a licensed wildlife rehabber as soon as possible instead of keeping it. It certainly was not releasable but could still have gone to a sanctuary and been an educational animal. It was foolish of her to post photos online.

  2. Judy Merrick says:

    There is no reason why they couldn’t take the fox to a wildlife sanctuary. The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado would have taken it. I understand why they don’t want people taking in wildlife as pets but when it happens the animal shouldn’t have to pay with its life for human error.

    1. Amanda Foytik says:

      Judy you are so right.

  3. Tanya says:

    Who did this help? No one! The fox was happy, now it’s dead for no fault of its own. This is just to make an example of her and a disregard to the fox’s life. Disgusting! Did they try to take it to a wildlife rescue or zoo or anything even? I doubt it.

  4. JerryZ says:

    I agree with Ursula. What the heck is wrong with the CPW? The fox wasn’t hurting anyone, it was a rescue and was doing well. I have bird feeders and bird houses on my lot. Are they going to come an kill them?

  5. This does NOT make any sense at all! The fox wasn’t a danger to anybody, was healthy and happy and did not ‘need’ to be euthanized. And to the snitching busybody who reported them, shame on you!

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