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AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The Aurora City Council is set to try select a new chief of police for its troubled department. It comes after yet another video resulting in officers’ actions being called into question.

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It was a disturbing sight. Three children on the ground, some in handcuffs, with their mother. It happened Sunday when Aurora police officers thought they had located a stolen car. It was the right license plate number, but from the wrong state.

Aurora police explained, apologized and it’s now being investigated.

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Lindsay Minter is on the Aurora Police Citizens Oversight Committee. She sees the video as one more example of the department’s problems.

“These kids are crying, and these officers don’t seem to be understanding that they are traumatizing them.”

The city council is scheduled to decide who will be the new chief to reinstate community trust with the department on Monday. City officials say the decision might come late into the night.

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There are four final candidates for chief: Vanessa Wilson, current interim chief, Aurora Police Commander Marcus Dudley, Alexander Jones a Colonel in the Baltimore County Police Department, Avery Moore, an Assistant Chief in Dallas.

Dudley was the commander of the bureau which oversaw the investigation into the Elijah McClain death. McClain, 23, died after a police choke hold and given a sedative by paramedics.

The case has led to frequent protests and renewed investigations.

Pastor Reid Hettich is on the Aurora Key Community response team.

“The recent events has just decimated that approval and it will take a while to rebuild,” he told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger.

Among those events Hettich refers to is the video of Officer Nate Meir slumped in his patrol car, in uniform, armed and drunk while on duty.

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The city manager will make his recommendation for chief to the city council and mayor this evening. A simple majority is required for the new chief to be selected.

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