By Anica Padilla

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (CBS4) – It could have been an awkward moment for two Colorado moms: a 4-year-old girl yelled “Black lives matter!” at a Black woman she saw shopping in Home Depot. Instead, it was the beginning of a precious friendship.

(credit: Sherri Gonzales)

“I went back to say thank you for recognizing that my life matters,” Sherri Gonzales told CBS4.

“Her mom was not expecting her to say that and did not know what to say,” Sherri said.

Sherri said they talked for a few minutes and the girl, Cam, noticed her Denver Broncos necklace. Cam told Sherri she wants to be a Broncos cheerleader one day.

Sherri has some experience cheering for the team — her son is D.J. Williams, the linebacker drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft.

Then Cam asked her a question.

“[She] asked me if I would like to come over for a sleepover,” Sherri said.

Sherri says they exchanged numbers and took a picture together.

(credit: Sherri Gonzales)

Last week, she got a call from Cam’s mom. They were having a garage sale and wanted to donate all the proceeds to her organization, Sherri’s Girls Empowerment International, on behalf of Cam.

Sherri said the two-day garage raised $2,070.

“[They] donated every penny to my school in Kenya,” Sherri said.

(credit: Sherri Gonzales)

“All of this happens because of a sweet little 4 year old recognized that my life matters.”

Anica Padilla

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  1. Steve says:

    BLM is a racist organization that espouses the overthrow of our democratic government.
    They are unabashedly Marxist and the organization cares very little about anything except their own extreme political and racist agenda.
    Go to their website, see for yourself.
    They are also huge supporters of the domestic terrorist organization Antifa.
    They are anti-American and very racist.

    1. Phillipa Hope says:

      Wow – you have been so deluded by your Il Capitano. So sad. You are in our prayers as the world transforms away from hate and fear. I value all lives and don’t want to see more Black people wrongly killed by police. So sad you don’t see it that way. But Il Capitano will dismantle America – via the trump virus or bankruptcy (he’s really good at that)- before any Black Marxists get a chance.

        1. Gotta appreciate a bigoted white guy trying to tell #BLM what they stand for. Take a knee,

  2. Michael says:

    I’m thinking, if you have to put a color in front of the words…LIVES MATTER, you might be a racist. However, nice to see two people not buying into the divisiveness being pushed by the local news stations.

    1. Conrad Sullivan says:

      You clearly don’t get it! Your comment makes me think that you are a racist.

      1. Common Sense says:

        Conrad, you are the prime example of a racist! If anyone disagrees with you, you label them a racist. You back a blatant racist organization like BLM but want to call everyone else a racist. Start with yourself before you judge others.

  3. Cornholio says:

    Just curious if you guys get all bent out of shape for something like Breast Cancer awareness month? Do you scream back “ALL CANCERS MATTER!” You’re completely missing the point.

    1. Common Sense says:

      Cornholio, those “guys” hit it right on. “All Lives Matter” no matter if black, white, brown or any other color. When was the last time a Breast Cancer awareness walk destroyed buildings, looted, rioted and caused bodily harm? Over 606,000 people will lose their lives this year alone to cancer, their lives matter whatever their skin color is. It is so racist to think only black lives matter! The point those “guys” are making is the hatred and racism that is thrust out by the black lives matter organization has got to stop! That little girl’s parents need to correct her now and teach her “all lives matter” before this world will ever change.

      1. Conrad Sullivan says:

        There is nothing about The Black Lives Matter movement that would indicate that they don’t believe that everyone’s lives matter. Your comment is blatantly racist!

        1. Common Sense says:

          Conrad, until racist organizations like the BLM and KKK are dismantled, hate will abound. It’s time you grow up and face the facts. ALL LIVES MATTER not just black as BLM stands for!

      2. Phillipa Hope says:

        Pretty sure those fires and violence was the result of the white guys dressed in black – you know, trying to start the race war. Must really bug all the people who hate Black people that the race war effort didn’t take.

  4. Randy Lahey says:

    So the little girl has been indoctrinated to the Marxist ways of the BLM and we are suppose to take this as some kind of feel good story? She should be taught that All Lives Matter.

    1. Dwight Smith says:

      Amen Randy!

    2. Kathie R English says:

      I am just so confused with the “All Lives Matter” as a response to the “Black Lives Matter”. When did all lives matter start?? Black Lives Mattered resulted as a catalysis of the murder of George Floyd in the hands of a police officer and the systemic racism in the police department but when did all lives matter start? I don’t think it started in the 1600’s when slaves were brought to the shores of American and sold. Their lives certainly didn’t matter then. Or before 1968, when Jim Crow laws denied African American’s the right to vote, or opportunities for higher education-their lives didn’t matter then? Right? Or, oh my-when a disporporate number of African Americans suffered mandatory prison sentences for simple possession of crack cocaine? Their lives did not matter then but for the opioid addicted folks who happen to be white middle class Americans-no prison sentences, but let’s make sure there is enough narcon that first responders have available to use to save their lives and then put them into treatment programs. Looking at both of these disparities- All lives DO NOT MATTER. Lastly, systemic racism DOES exist within law enforcement-please don;t ask for proof-just google-you all can do that. So again, when folks counteract Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matters, I just want to know when did this happened? What did I miss?

      1. Common Sense says:

        Kathie, please review your fact. The racist organization BLM did not start with Floyd. I’m not quite sure if it was when that black kid tried to kill that Hispanic in Florida or when that black kid robbed that store, beat up the clerk and then attacked the police officer. No matter when it started, it is so egotistical that the BLM demands that only black lives matter. Until organizations like BLM and KKK start realizing that all lives matter there will always be division and hatred! We all would be so much better off if the racist hate groups like the BLM, KKK and others are disbanded so we could ALL live in peace.

      2. Phillipa Hope says:

        thanks for your thoughtful comment

    3. Conrad Sullivan says:

      Your white hood and sheet are showing!

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