DENVER (CBS4) – A study of data from the Federal Highway Administration found some rough roads in Colorado. CoPilot, a car buying app, analyzed the FHA’s International Roughness Index, looking at the percentage of road-miles categorized as poor. It then broke urban areas down by small, midsize and large.

Denver-Aurora ended up at number 14 on the list of worst roads in large metro areas.

The study found 36% of all major roads were in poor condition with almost 7% of interstates and freeways in poor condition.


When it came to arterial roads, 32% were in poor condition while 52% of minor arterials were.

Boulder was No. 10 on the list of small urban areas. 40.7 percent of its roads are listed in poor condition.

AAA says potholes cost drivers $3 billion a year in repairs.

You can find the entire study at


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