By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – Did it rain at your house Tuesday afternoon? Widespread showers and storms developed as predicted but unfortunately the rain didn’t reach everyone. Some places saw a healthy dose of rainfall while others got just a little bit. Then there were those who saw nothing.

When stormy weather moves through it’s always interesting the following day to see the “footprint” of precipitation left behind. We can do that with an invaluable tool called CoCoRaHS. You can zoom right to your neighborhood to see if there are any precipitation reports near your house.

Denver area precipitation reports from Tuesday, July 28. (credit: CoCoRaHS)

You’ve probably heard the old saying that it can rain on one side of the street and not the other, right? Well, it’s true! And that is the beauty of CoCoRaHS. Through the data collected each day we get an incredible visual of just how highly variable precipitation can be.

CoCoRaHS is a global network of volunteer weather enthusiasts who report the rain, hail and snow that fell in their backyard. Their motto is “because every drop counts” and it couldn’t be more true, especially in a semi-arid state like Colorado.

Think about this … just 0.03 inches of rain falling over one acre of land is more than 800 gallons of water. It doesn’t take a lot of rain to make a big difference to something like our lawns or gardens.

The CoCoRaHS rain gauge at CBS4. (credit: Lauren Whitney)

So if you enjoy monitoring the weather I’d encourage you to think about joining CoCoRaHS, even if there is already an observer close to where you live. Your reports will help document our weather and climate. Click here to sign up to be a CoCoRaHS observer.

Chris Spears


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