CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – The Castle Rock coffee shop embroiled in a battle with Gov. Jared Polis over the right to stay open amid the coronavirus pandemic is closing its doors for good. C&C Breakfast and Korean Kitchen in Castle Rock cites a lack of sales and staffing restrictions in their decision to close.

Announced in a Facebook post, Sunday was the last day of business for the Castle Rock location on Trail Boss Drive. The Colorado Springs location will remain open.

“I am sad to say that we are having issues just like many other small businesses,” owners Jesse and April Arellano said in a Facebook post. “Not only are sales hurting because of all the restrictions, but staffing too. Unemployment is giving $600/week on top of regular unemployment, which incentivizes some people to not work, so we are short on staff.”

(credit: Nick Puckett/Colorado Community Media)

In May, the Tri-County Health Department issued an order to close to the C&C Breakfast and Korean Kitchen. Officials stated that they warned the owners not to open the dining room.

Gov. Jared Polis ordered the restaurant closed for at least 30 days. Polis said the restaurant caused an immediate health hazard — and he was “extremely disappointed.”

“I joined most Coloradans in in our frustration watching videos of people illegally packed into restaurants and thinking about all the moms and grandmothers and aunts and everyone who was put at increased risk of dying from this horrible virus,” Polis stated.

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Customers taped cash to the window of the business in a show of solidarity.

castle rock c&c breakfast korean kitchen

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“We need to start doing something about this before we all crash and burn,” Jesse Arellano told CBS4 in May. “I know there’s a lot of restaurants here shutting their doors. We’re losing a lot of our very small, interesting cultural restaurants. We’re losing all those.”

Sunday was the last day of business for the restaurant.

Ben Warwick

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  1. Common Sense says:

    This is GREAT news! How anyone could put money before the health and safety of society is just appalling! Any Christian knows to obey the government’s law unless it is in violation of God’s word. In this case, there was no violation of the word; it was just simply greed and they got their just reward.

  2. Jeff Gigstad says:

    Finally a good solid Christian perspective against the ridiculous environment being created and even promoted by such a large number of elected officials across this country. This country was founded on Christian principles and freedoms which we grew and prospered under. Now those principles have taken a backseat to society as well as our freedoms. As a result, you see a society in disarray that only wants to throw stones (literally and figuratively) at the other side. This country needs to get back to its Christian morals!

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