AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) — Aurora police are investigating a shooting on Interstate 225 after a vehicle drove through protesters marching on the highway Saturday evening. The protests began as a call for justice for Elijah McClain, who died after Aurora police officers put him in a chokehold nearly one year ago.

(credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Dillon Thomas was nearby and heard the “pops.”

“People were running after a car ‘aggressively’ made its way toward protesters on I-225. I heard pops, which APD say came from a protester. That protester shot other protesters,” Thomas stated. “I watched as a woman who fell off the interstate was rushed to the hospital.”

(credit: CBS)

Aurora police stated: “While the protestors were walking on I-225, a vehicle decided to drive through the crowd. A protestor decided to fire off a weapon, striking at least 1 other protestor. They were transported to the hospital in stable condition.”

(credit: CBS)

“Someone else showed up to the hospital with a graze wound,” APD tweeted. “The vehicle was towed and we are investigating that incident. Any witnesses to the shooting are urged to call @CrimeStoppersCO.”

The suspect vehicle is described as a blue Jeep. Copter4 captured the video of the Jeep speeding through the protest as people scattered and tried to get out of the way.

(credit: CBS)

A short time later, Copter4 flew over as police had pulled over what seems to be a vehicle matching the same one that sped through the protest on I-225.

(credit: CBS)

Police contacted the driver of the Jeep shortly after the incident on I-225. The Jeep was impounded but the driver has not been arrested.

Investigators are still looking for the person who fired shots, hitting two protesters. They are asking for the public’s help to identify the gunman.

Both of the injured protesters remained in the hospital on Sunday morning, in stable condition, with non-life threatening injuries.

At about 7:40 p.m., Aurora police said both directions of the highway had reopened. They warned that protesters continued to block streets around the Aurora Municipal Center — on Sable and Alameda.

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Just a couple of hours later, Aurora police said demonstrators pushed down a fence, threw fireworks and other objects at officers, and broke windows and started a fire at the courthouse.

(credit: CBS)

The crowd seemed to disperse after the fire started, but a few continued to march. Some blocked Alameda Parkway and police urged drivers to find an alternative route. Shortly after, the crowd dwindled and seemed to disperse.

(credit: Aurora Police)

Police are searching for witnesses to the damage as part of their investigation surrounding Saturday night’s protests.

Anica Padilla

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  1. JeaneBoop says:

    Anyone see the irony that it was a BLUE jeep that drove through the RIOTERS (yes, I said it) The “Thin Blue LIne” just got a LOT WIDER
    Every time a building is burned, a business looted 100 more Trump voters are born

  2. Ben Bow says:

    lets get this right, the POLICE will not arrest people illegally blocking, terrorizing and imprisoning people on the interstate, but if anyone flees from the terrorists, and gets shot at by the terrorists, the police will arrest the victim. I guess victims are easier arrests that terrorists. Its the same reason most ATF arrests are gun dealers, not gang members, Law abiding people are easier to arrest than actual criminals.

    How about cops arrest anyone trying to block public roadways. If they want to protest, thats what SIDEWALKS are for.

  3. Mark Walker says:

    “A vehicle decided to drive through the crowd.” Really? I didn’t think inanimate objects could make decisions. I guess that absolves the driver of the vehicle from responsibility.

  4. Marching on an interstate freeway, how utterly stupid!

  5. B-B says:

    “who died after Aurora police officers put him in a chokehold nearly one year ago.”

    Elijah died because of a ketamine injection administered by first responders. He didn’t die from a chokehold, but way to make sure you get the facts right, CBS Denver.

  6. Mark Lemmon says:

    What give these “protesters” the right to shut down a freeway or any street ? People have right to travel unimpeded to get on with their day… You can have your protest, but you can’t mess with others like this… Protesters are the “problem” if they disrespect the rest of the population.

    1. Steve says:

      Agree 110%.

  7. JD Morris says:

    Didn’t their Mama ever tell them not to play on the highway? Dumb Democrats.

  8. Interested Observer says:

    Denver cops let the mob physically attack a peaceful rally to support police that included Michelle Malkin, so the people in those cars had no reason to believe the Aurora police would be any different.

  9. safelyiniowa says:

    Violent protesters and no police protection leaves only our guns for protection. Imagine the terror of being surrounded by angry violent thugs. Police are failing miserably at their job of keeping peace. We are on our own as a result. We must be armed at all times for self defense. Our guns are our only protection.

  10. Bob Bradley says:

    Go Blue! What we need is a Blue Convoy to take all the garbage out!

    1. Annoyed In Cali says:

      SLOWLY back away from the crack pipe…..

    2. Justin Cole says:

      Blue is going to the grave. Get ready to join them Mr. Child Molester.

  11. safelyiniowa says:

    It is no surprise that people are trying to escape violent protesters. Obviously it is impossible to turn around or backup. Going forward through the protesters. is the only option. If police don’t want protesters run over then stop them from blocking highways. Going after people who try to flee them is wrong! Right now it looks like police are on the side of the violent protesters.

  12. Barb L says:

    The moment they broke the law (blocking the highway), vandalized buildings, shot any projectile at anyone, its not a protester. It is rioting.

  13. Phoock yoo says:

    “Protesters, some may call the rioters”

    Some may call them enemy combatants TERRORISTS pawns of the deep state…

    The left mistakenly think they’ll get what they want through intimidation, terror, and fear. But what the left doesn’t realize is they’re fanning the flames of something much more apocalyptic… Disgust and REVULSION. These feelings won’t bode well for their future.

  14. Jeff Smith says:

    An American hero. Protest all you want but stay off the roads!

  15. Andrew Cuomo says:

    Good…they shouldn’t be on the freeway obstructing traffic anyway.

  16. Jeep Lover says:

    The Jeep Driver is a Hero. Wish he/she could have ran over more of them.

  17. Jeff Mason says:

    Will the media please look up the definitions of the words ‘riot’ and ‘protest.’ These are the former.

  18. Kenneth Kaufman says:

    Obviously these protesters were BREAKING the LAW being on the highway. Police should have come in and arrested them. These are not peaceful protesters. KUDOS to the driver of the Jeep. They should be rewarded. These democrat party stome troopers waving their BLM swastikas are there to intimidate others. Mett their intimidation with FORCE, and ignore their leftist political agenda. VOTE against them. IGNORE these violent animals.

  19. Ed Dough says:

    “Police are searching for witnesses to the damage as part of their investigation surrounding Saturday night’s protests.” Are we to believe the Aurora Courthouse does not have surveillance cameras or does Aurora just not want to identify the protesters. Like most investigations Aurora If authorities want to end illegal protests bring in water cannons, very effective and most of these law breakers appear to need a bath.

  20. JAMES MANN says:

    NOTE TO RIOTERS: If you see a white chevy pickup on hyway do not block it, you will get run over

  21. ItsAScam says:

    The peaceful “armed” protesters….

  22. Elmer says:

    It seems to me that Water Cannons are in order to quell unauthorized unlawful activity throughout the US of A.

  23. Liberals Are Idiots says:

    Just a couple of hours later, Aurora police said demonstrators pushed down a fence, threw fireworks and other objects at officers, and broke windows and started a fire at the courthouse.

    Violent thugs need to be shot when they destroy and engage in violence.

    And stay off the roads or be run over.

  24. Mike O'Connor says:

    memo. to protestors: GET OUT OF THE F…… ROAD

  25. Jim says:

    Play Frogger IRL, win stupid prizes.

    These are NOT protesters, they are rioters, terrorists. They assault passersby making them fear for their safety, their lives and their property.

    Its time to put away the rubber bullets for real ones. These Marxist terrorists will kill millions if they ever get full power. The only reason they aren’t in jail now is the Democrat facilitators who protect them in their assault on Americans. Remember in November.

  26. Oliver W Homey says:

    the good thing is they are just killing and injuring themselves, does anyone really care?

    1. Jim says:

      The trash that takes itself out.

  27. jimmyjim1 says:

    Just so you know, the video you posted directly contradicts your article: the “protesters” aren’t running to get out of the way, they’re clearly moving towards the car, trying to hit the windshield.

  28. Jim says:

    There ought to be some kind of law against driving on the insterstate.

  29. NBOB says:

    So far the left wing protestors with guns are bad shots, looks like Trump re elected followed by a short civil war.

  30. Michael Altman Britt says:

    If the government would start enforcing the law, and preventing the illegal obstruction of public thoroughfares, thereby deny the right of peaceful transit to countless thousands of actual law-abiding citizens, this could not have happened in the first place.

    As soon as they try to block a street not designated in their permit to assemble, arrest them all, and try them in federal court for civil rights violations and domestic terrorism, 500-1000 year sentences for all, and this will end, quickly.

  31. toandfro9 says:

    another case of the “can’t shoot” straight gang.

  32. Marshall Cypress says:

    don’t block the streets, won’t get hit by cars.

  33. Delwin says:

    It’s only a matter of time and when and where the shooting starts. This is a Marxist uprising and insurrection, and it will lead to a civil war. Democrats – Causing insurrection since 1861.

  34. Flash of brilliance. Counter-protesters should gather up hives of hornets. Us them to disperse these “peaceful” protesters. I’d pay good money to see that.

  35. Paul says:

    The media is complicit in the crimes of the radicals by continuing to refer to these criminal mobs as “protesters.” These mobs are by any definition domestic terrorists and it’s time to stop legitimizing them by calling them anything other name.

  36. J Gibbs, PhD says:

    This is NOT a legal protest, for they did not have a permit and under CO law, they are not allowed to block an Interstate. These events are VERY THREATENING to anyone caught in these mobs and rioters, and as shown, many of these “peaceful protesters” are armed and while shoot. Just as we saw in Alamosa and Provo. Many of these drivers do fear for their lives!

  37. astralweeks says:

    A protestor fired a shot striking another protestor. Priceless.

  38. Alan Whitney says:

    White racists must be made to understand that it’s just NOT okay to drive your Jeep at high speed on a crowded sidewalk!
    Um… Ah… Wait…

  39. Jameson says:

    What a bunch of morons. They need to protest the idiots that taught them to be such morons. A semi truck in each lane should have plowed through that crowd.

    1. Fonky Honky says:

      Yes, kudos and a medal to Mr. Blue Jeep!

  40. jiminhouston says:

    Their mothers should have told them not to play in the street!

  41. Amy Armadillo says:

    These folks didn’t just spontaneously all show up at the same time to start marching on a freeway. It was organized, and many of these insurrectionists were paid. Why doesn’t the MSM investigate (((who))) is responsible for the organization and funding of our Communist coup? Because that would lead to the Tribe that will get you fired if you speak their name?

    1. Gary Davis says:

      Organized, yes. But that doesn’t prove they were paid!

      1. Amy Armadillo says:

        “But that doesn’t prove they were paid!”

        Exactly my point. It’s up to CBS-4 Denver to prove it, THAT’S THEIR JOB! Any monkey can haul a camera to a freeway… howzabout some honest investigative reporting?!?

        We know all the organizers are paid, that’s just a fact, Project Veritas has some of them on undercover video. I’d guess 5-10% of the marchers were paid, and that’s enough to foment revolution. We’ve all seen the Craigslist ads for “$15 bucks an hour, up to $500/week” for paid protesting. And truthfully, once a diligent reporter begins to unravel the infinite layers of their inscrutable funding hierarchy, it always leads back to the same (((sources))): Tides Foundation, Ford Foundation, Open Society, et al.

  42. Rod Hackenflasch says:

    “Protestors”. God forbid anyone refer to them as traffic blockers, rioters, arsonists, looters, racists, or anarchists.

  43. Justin Lakely says:

    Should have opened your doors. You could’ve hit more that way.

  44. professorbates says:

    Ok, this has now gone beyond protest or even riots, let’s just be honest and call it what it is. A CIVIL WAR.

  45. J says:

    “Jeep driving on I-255 is shot at by a mob of violent rioters. Incidentally shooting one of the other rioters.” There, fixed your headline.

  46. Michael R. says:

    Almost the same thing happened in Tulsa when protestors blocked I-244 and assaulted a pickup pulling a horse trailer that was slowly driven through the crowd by a white driver after letting a car driven by a black driver pass through their highway blockage. The protest leaders wanted the white driver to be charged with assault and the Tulsa D.A. refused.

  47. DP says:

    What the f*** is this?? Someone should let these guys know we’re in Colorado, you don’t do that here. Also, should be allowed to run them over without mercy if they do that.

    1. dean says:

      Send in the Feds. Where is Trump?

    2. Fonky Honky says:


  48. TomTancredoFan says:

    What goes on in the feeble mind of the typical idiot leftist protester in their fascination with gathering on highways like misguided lemmings? How does stopping traffic fortify their inscrutably vague arguments? This and other odd mysteries can only be solved while cultivating a lifelong addiction to video games and legal herb in the safety of mommy’s dank basement.

    1. Alan Whitney says:

      Yeah! What he said!

  49. What are they protesting now?

    1. Steven Lundgrin says:

      Still protesting the Elijah McClain death, allegedly, but that was a year ago.

  50. Glenn Rogers says:

    They should hit them protesters. If you or I break the law wile driving you pay a big old fine. so why are the not arrested and paying the big old fines like everybody else Is our elected officials afraid of them. or the police now. If so vote them all out this Nov.

    1. Steven Lundgrin says:

      At least a few of the Aurora city council members who are among the most avowed socialist were voted in this last November, as was the mayor.

    2. Steven Lundgrin says:

      How does anyone have a First Amendment right to shut down major thoroughfares and interstate highways? Last time they locked Aurora PD officers in the District 1 building for 7 hours, and they could not respond to 911 calls. How is that guaranteed under the First Amendment? It’s false imprisonment.This needs to stop, but the mayors and the governor do nothing, yet they do not want the federal government to come to Denver metro area. If the elected officials were taking care of business, there would be no need for federal law enforcement to come here.

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