JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Weekend racing events at Bandimere Speedway were canceled owners announced Friday afternoon. In a news release, the Bandimere family states they spent three days of trying to comply with coronavirus restrictions.

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Owners say the Truck Invasion event had already been moved from the weekend because of the expected large crowd it would draw. Other entertainment was scheduled in its place, however those events are now canceled.

“Many of the 120 racers who had started to form a line at the racer entrance gate were visibly stunned with the announcement that was personally made by the Bandimere family as they listened to the explanation on why the weekend’s racing events were cancelled,” the news release stated.

(credit: CBS)

The Bandimere family states the Environmental Health Services Division Director for Jefferson County, Jim Rada, canceled a meeting to talk about upcoming test nights through the weekend.

The Jefferson County Public Health Department responded to Bandimere’s decision to cancel the events:

“The goal of each action taken by JCPH is not to punish any of our area businesses or organizations, but to keep the people within our community safe and healthy. Especially now, as we are seeing cases of COVID-19 sharply rise in Jefferson County and are entering a phase of rapid mitigation in order to maintain the variances and relaxations in regulations that are in place, it’s more important than ever that everyone in our community work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Jefferson County requested a temporary restraining order just prior to a July 4 event at the speedway in which an estimated 7,500 people attended. At a hearing on Tuesday, the county’s request for an injunction was denied and determined as moot due to a new county health order.

Remaining events at the speedway have not been decided on.

“We are beaten down, but we are not broken,” owners said.

(credit: CBS)

Nearly 24 hours after Bandimere’s announcement, dozens of cars lined Washington Avenue in Golden on Saturday. Many were supporting the speedway and protested the cancelations.

Danielle Chavira

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  1. Brian says:

    Oh Mary, Why don’t you try this. Shut the little black box off in the corner of your living room and think. Think on your own Mary. Can you do that? Do you really think that the Government or the media has never lied to you and blew something way out of proportion to complete an agenda. If your scared stay home but let the rest of us who love our freedom live our lives. By the way Mary if your looking for some boogie man spreader to complain about. How about the rioter’s or as the news channel say “peaceful protestors” around the city to blame it on, or is that to politically incorrect for you? Bottom line is Bandimere did nothing wrong, Their an outside venue with plenty of fresh air that provides quality and safe entertainment for their customers.

  2. Glenn Rogers says:

    All you crybaby dems think you are going to control this state.and make it trash like were you came from.It is no problem and no distinct problem for the punks destroying this capital and state
    But for the legit businesses it is a no no enjoy your little fun wile you can because it is going to be all over in November

  3. Brian says:

    Hey Jim, why not just admit it. Your a tyrant in a position of authority and when the Bandimere family finally decides to give up on Colorado. You and your other A-holes will swoop in and buy that property using some condemnation law and make millions. “Be careful” I fear you and your sort are treading into dangerous territory.

    1. Mary says:

      1) If the Bandimere family owns the land and they believe that keeping the property until the pandemic will essentially bankrupt them, there is no logical reason why they couldn’t sell the property themselves and “make millions”.

      2) If the Bandimere family had followed the attendance rules for the first race (or even worked to get a variance since the complex is so large that even those of us who believe in social distancing considered 175 to be far too few to be allowed) – then, Mr. Bandimere “doubled down” by offering some ticket holders a buffet meal (while arguing that God would protect everyone – like God protected the 26 nuns who have died in 3 convents in Michigan, Wisconsin, and NY state), it wouldn’t have come to this.

      3) If he wants to continue, he should work with someone who can set up “pay per view” of the races until all restrictions are lifted.

      1. Glenn Rogers says:

        Just curios how many people do you know that has caught this corona? I don’t no no one and I have asked all the people I know on face book and here in denver plus being out in it two or three times a week I have never found one person that knows anyone that has got it. So how bad is it really? Not just what the news prints

  4. Kim says:

    Jeffco against LIBERTY!

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