By Anica Padilla

WELD COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — The Weld County sheriff’s office is clarifying its stance on the mask mandate. The sheriff’s office says it will not issue fines or arrest people for not wearing a mask — but deputies will arrest those who refuse to leave a business or fight with an employee.

The sheriff’s office stated, in part: “Weld County businesses are required to adhere to the face mask mandate or run the risk of losing their license, which is issued and controlled by the state.”

“We are asking residents, regardless of how they feel about wearing a face mask, to give their local business owners a break and comply with the order when shopping in their stores. It’s not their fault the mask mandate was issued,” the sheriff’s office stated.

Young woman with face mask using mobile phone and buying groceries in the supermarket during virus pandemic.

(credit: Drazen Zigic/iStock/Getty Images)

“Anyone who fights with a business owner or an employee, refuses to leave a business when asked or in some other way causes an unlawful disturbance will be arrested.”

Weld County said businesses that do not comply with the order can lose their license.

Anica Padilla

  1. polisisanazi says:

    SO whether you agree or not, you can’t conduct business with anyone, unless you agree.

    Some Animals are more equal than others. Wake up America…you’re being groomed by communists.

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