By Jennifer McRae

DENVER (CBS4)– Gov. Jared Polis gave an update on coronavirus in Colorado on Tuesday. He announced a new mandate in Colorado for the next 30 days that last call for alcohol will be at 10 p.m.

(credit: CBS)

This comes amid a COVID-19 spike among the 20-29 age group in Colorado. Polis said that alcohol reduces inhibitions which in turn can lead to risky behavior and may lead to the spread of coronavirus in our state.

“It’s the summer of no parties,” said Polis.

(credit: CBS)

“The number of new cases is roughly doubled. We were around 200 per day, we’re now in the 400 to 500 range per day,” said Polis. “But our long term success really relies on sustainable behavior for people.”

Polis said he typically disagrees with last call laws that bars, nightclubs and restaurants must stop serving alcohol at 2 a.m. in Colorado.

“If you want to get drunk, nobody’s saying alcohol causes coronavirus, it doesn’t. Have three or four people over in your home, and a small event with them, not 40 people in your home, and not at a bar/restaurant,” said Polis. “So there’s a safer way to do these things in a pandemic. I know part of the fun is being around 80, 100 people, we can’t do that now. Learn the new way, learn to do three four or five people … have fun in a safe way.”

Polis said during the pandemic, however, this is necessary to keep coronavirus from spreading among this group of people who in turn will spread it to others, particularly older Coloradans who are more susceptible to coronavirus.

“But the problem with this pandemic is they’re not just taking a risk for themselves, they’re taking a risk for older Coloradans as well, their parents, their grandparents, because we don’t live in bubbles. These same 20 to 29-year-olds are going to be working in stores or working in restaurants and can potentially — and we’ve seen this in other states — have led to a greater spread of the virus across the people of all age groups. And so many, many in fact, most young people, in our state are doing an amazing job wearing their masks, staying 6 feet from others.

“And yet we are seeing some engage in risky behavior.”

Polis maintained that bars and restaurants may stay open later than 10 p.m. and serve food, but that no alcohol could be served after that time. The governor’s office later clarified that the order applies to any establishment with a liquor license — including casinos.

The governor said the mandate will be in place before the weekend, either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning and will go into effect at that time.

Polis said that once the state Legislature convenes for the 2021 session, he hopes that Democrats and Republicans can get together and create legislation that allows individual communities to determine their own last call laws.

Jennifer McRae

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  1. polislies says:

    If you’re actually journalists and not leftist polis shills, post the dui arrests and accidents from this weekend compared to a 2:00 a.m. cutoff time on a regular weekend.

    This move is about power, and will cause people, especially young people, to binge-drink to get in under the ridiculously random 10:00 p.m. cutoff time.

    1. Robin says:

      In a comment section loaded with gems, THIS is the best of the best, IMO!!!!

  2. Stafford A Morisset says:

    It’s only for 30 days, after that the Covid will get frustrated that cannot find any drunks after 10 pm and it will simply go back to China.

  3. Stafford A Morisset says:

    C’mon people! It’s for your own good. Everyone knows the covid leaves it’s lair at 10 pm sharp to stalk unsuspecting drunks. It’s attracted to the smell of alcohol. If you finish your drink by 9:59 pm you’re good. Just comply with Mein Fuhrer Polis. He knows best.

  4. Deana Bossio says:

    Abuse of Polis power and infliction of control, again.

  5. WS Boyle says:

    How soon until Der Furer Polis asks for the Trump Gestapo to start patrolling the cities and towns of Colorado and locking up citizens that are out walking about. I voted for this Gay person but now i am regretting it. Time to organize A Recall election since assinATION IS OUT OF THE question as a solution.

  6. Ok, so common sense is gone. The rise from the young people’s COVID-19 numbers are going up; however, this is probably from the thousands of protesters/rioters, several weeks ago, that were downtown night-after-night with no masks on and standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Why is Polis punishing the bars who have jumped through hoops to re-open? Seriously calm down people less then 1% die from this, and although I am careful and don’t want to get sick/die, we can not close down businesses who are doing everything they can to follow the law and stay in open. This is just going to have to run its course and people are going to have to wash hands, social distance and wear a mask, but for Heaven’s sake don’t close down businesses!!

    1. WS Boyle says:

      what do you mean by 50% they increased my property tax last year by 100%.

  7. whowantspie? says:

    New tv show starring Jared Polis: ‘Welcome Back, Hitler!’

    For a guy who’s people were almost eliminated by the National Socialists Workers Party, you’d think he’d shun their behavior.

  8. Tami says:

    Another way to control the population. Drinking alcohol past 10pm makes a person vulnerable to COVID? Assuming a lot there Polis.


      I love that he states ZERO facts and figures and that the mask “rule” has NO END DATE! Watch how now that they have imported all the leftists from CA and WA that they will stealthily raise property taxes under the cover of socialism by 50% to pay themselves more and squeeze out all the energy companies in CO to create a socialist utopia…..its coming and already in the works………………………………………………………j

      1. Robin Baker says:

        No kidding! My widowed mom saw her taxes double this year, between the ‘bond’ the Greeley voters approved to tear down a perfectly good school and replace it with something else more in line with what the west end wants their town to represent, and the taking away of the senior tax break without giving them a decent advance warning! How are our elderly to hold on to their homes when Social Security is all some of them have to survive? I’m livid, and I know it will only get worse

  9. Brucie Jones says:

    Schutzie knows best!

  10. Randy Lahey says:

    Put your “damn” mask on Polis

  11. JD says:

    How bout NOO… You spoiled elitist freak

  12. TomTancredoFan says:

    Polis unwittingly will cause a spike in drunk driving deaths. A lot of drunks will be on the roads at 10:00 now instead of much later when traffic is very light. But don’t worry Jerry boy, local news outlets have your back. I mean, can you see lightweights like Kyle Clark holding a Democrat accountable for anything?

  13. SufferingFromFools says:

    My husband and I are retired. So we go to a restaurant, say 8:30 or 9 in the evening for dinner. Can’t have that 2nd glass of wine because it’s now 10:10PM? BS, Polis, you are NOT our parents.

  14. Jean van loan says:

    The governor is capable of thinking longer term re health of all people rather than meeting the desire for moment of instant gratification demanded by by some people.

    1. socialismkills says:

      Funny, that’s what the nazis told the people getting on the boxcars for the camps, “it’s for your own protection”.

      but you go ahead and get your stuff together for that train trip…

      1. jean van loan says:

        Yeah, but the Nazis were lying and Polis is not. In other words, the same message but in opposite contexts, if you know what “context” means.

        1. seig heil says:

          this guy is a fraud using fake “science” and n a z i tactics; the n a z i s were lying and polis is taking pages right out of their playbook along with alinsky; their mantra is “if you perpetrate a lie long enough even YOU begin to believe it”……do some homework and stop submitting to their propaganda; many of us actually learned from history. TIME FOR RECALL PETITION if its not too late!

          1. Robin Baker says:

   has a petition to remove his emergency powers, and it already has nearly 50k signatures… Do something and sign it! Then share it wide and far… It would be a start

            1. Robin Baker says:

     Petition to Remove J Polis Emergency powers

    2. Kim says:

      It’s too late for you. You drank the KoolAid.

  15. Robin Baker says:

    Why are we putting up with this wanna-be dictator? Time for a recall!

  16. Democrates arenazi's says:

    Democrats love to take small steps just to see what they can get away with. Now it’s 10Pm next it won’t be at all. See if you get it back at all. Nazi Germany has finally made it to the USA.. Rise up and protest the democrats crazy socialist narrative. If you don’t there won’t be an America for tomorrow.

  17. polissuxass says:

    How many rules does this fat little socialist c0ksvcker need to make up before he gets recalled?

    phvk him and his overreach, do not submit.

  18. Zachary Varón says:

    Nanny Polis at it again. This is one we will definitely be violating.

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