(CBS4) — Colorado Rep. Patrick Neville, a Republican who represents Douglas County, said he plans to sue to the governor over the mask mandate.

Rep. Neville said he has hired an attorney and believes the mask mandate violates civil liberties.

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  1. xedafac says:

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  2. Deana Bossio says:

    Mandate masks, inflate phony virus numbers, keep schools closed and then take away our right to vote in person, and then falsify the ballots to try to get Trump to lose. No weapon formed against Trump will prosper. Praise Jesus!

  3. Jay Alenby says:

    Vote this fool out of office. If he can’t accept medical and biological facts then he is unfit to govern. Quite frankly he is unfit to exist and should be eradicated from our society. He is uncivilized and unintelligent.

  4. ktmdoc says:

    I have never read such selfish ridiculous responses such as these. Hopefully they are the only six in Colorado

  5. Everyone must sue this idiot (polis) or we lose our freedom forever. Wake up Colorado. Polis-we hope you get coronavirus and leave us for ever!

  6. Kerry Dolan says:

    Are we under Marshall law? Where in the Constitution does it say we have to follow this dictator’s fiats? Where can I send a donation to fund this lawsuit?

    1. Jay Alenby says:

      Here is a link to the relevant information that you and many others are too lazy to look for. https://covid19.colorado.gov/enforcement-public-health-orders

  7. Tony Belfiore says:

    Count me in on the Lawsuit just let me know where I can sent my Money, he is not the king of Colorado

  8. Fed Up With Liberals says:

    When Polis gets the capital building cleaned up, Civic Park cleared out including all their trash, is honest about the extremely low mortality rate of COVID in Colorado, and get businesses / schools reopened then we can discuss masks. It makes ZERO sense to punish businesses and private citizens while allowing lawlessness and tent cities who don’t have to follow the same rules and are destroying Denver Mask mandates are not legal, and not enforceable.

    1. dd says:

      Love your name and it warms my heart to see many more in CO realize who they “elected” on full display. as long as they keep importing the “left”overs from CA they can impose communism with impunity here in CO if we keep letting the trash holes of denver and boulder run this state.

  9. If the pols and the media hadn’t systematically falsified and misrepresented the CDC’s recommendations, Neville might not have tried this grandstanding — by constantly suggesting that masks are required “in public” rather than only in situations where one cannot reasonably practice social distancing (primarily inside buildings with others, but also in crowds), the former have so confused the issue that many mask-resisters mistakenly think they are being required to wear masks when they leave their homes.

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