By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – Gov. Jared Polis says he’s concerned about COVID-19 numbers creeping back up, but isn’t willing to commit to a statewide mask mandate. The governor spent weeks urging people to wear masks, but hasn’t resorted to an order or mandate.

Jared Polis (credit: CBS)

“The key to greater economic and social activity is to get the simple things right like wearing a mask when you’re around others. and staying six feet apart,” he said at a Tuesday news conference. “This is a warning that we need to do a bit better because our current trajectory is not one that is sustainable for many months.”

Polis has taken to social media to use comic photos, infographics, and obscene language to get his mask point across. On Tuesday, Jefferson County Public Health issued a mask requirement, and the city of Glendale discussed the order it’s under from the Tri-County Health Department that will be implemented later this month.

(credit: CBS)

At the news conference, Polis even read messages and comments from his social media.

“Tanya Pierce says, ‘Please mandate masks here in Colorado,” he read. “Terry says, ‘Maybe more would wear a mask if it was a statewide mandate.’ That’s a good question. I struggle with that.”

The governor says he’s waiting for data that shows masks are worn more when there’s a specific mandate or law. So far, he hasn’t come across that information.

“It certainly would help sway me toward particular policies if there was strong evidence it increased mask wearing compliance,” Polis said.

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Jeff Todd

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  1. Mary says:

    Joe Bloe – Do feel free to GET OUT (if you are here) and STAY OUT once you leave. I’m sure there are plenty of places that would LOVE to have you (I’m guessing you’d fit right in in Florida, Texas, or Arizona).

  2. Joe Bloe says:

    Pansy coloradoans….. I was once proud to say I was from Colorado….not anymore. The state has gone the way of San Francisco, Detroit and Chicongo……

  3. The Governor should issue such an order but because pols and the media in general have been utterly heedless of the particulars, very many people misunderstand the requirements — you can’t claim they’re mandated “in public” and recover by then explaining the actual requirement that they are required where social distancing cannot otherwise be practiced, primarily inside buildings, yet this has been the pattern of most ostensible news stories about mandates to wear masks — though Newsweek recently published a genuinely reprehensible article based on Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s statements on social media which omitted the truth entirely. Whatever has impelled politicians and media to falsely claim that masks are required “in public” has only stiffened resistance to wearing them at all. It’s plain enough that no effort will be made to retrieve the situation and that we may expect officials to attempt to mandate the use of masks in situations where the Centers for Disease Control does not recommend their use. Our leaders and news media have failed us badly when the relatively straightforward recommendation on wearing masks has been so thoroughly confused in the public’s mind.

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