COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is excitedly making preparations for the newest resident of Rocky Mountain Wild — an 8-week-old male Alaska moose.

“The big-eyed, light brown, long-legged calf was orphaned at about six days old outside of Anchorage, Alaska, when his mother was involved in a fatal human-wildlife conflict,” officials wrote on the CMZ Facebook page.

He has been in the care of The Alaska Zoo and is due to arrive this Wednesday.

“Moose are extremely rare in zoos, and this arrival comes only two months after the loss of the Zoo’s beloved 12-year-old Canada moose, Tahoma,” CMZ officials wrote.

Two CMZoo staff members are on their way to Alaska Zoo to meet the little calf and transport him home.

Starting Tuesday, July 14, CMZoo will share updates of the team’s travels as they make their way home to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Moose fans everywhere can witness the young moose’s journey home on Tuesday and Wednesday via Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Facebook and YouTube channels.


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