By Karen Morfitt

DENVER (CBS4)– The final round of voting to change the name of Stapleton to a more inclusive option will begin in a few days. A list that started with more than 300 options has been narrowed down to nine.

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“It’s clear to all of us there’s not a lot of appetite for this to take months and months, so we have done our best to go as quickly as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the process,” Geoff Horsfall said.

Horsfall is the Vice President of the Stapleton United neighborhood group, also known as SUN.

They, along with the Stapleton Master Community Association, started soliciting residents for their ideas for a new name in early June. Less than a month later, those ideas have been presented to a newly-formed advisory board made up of different stakeholders in the community.

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“The goal was to provide a spectrum of perspectives on this matter so when they came together to form criteria, to form names, all those voices were represented,” Horsfall said.

Stapleton was named for a former Denver mayor who was a member of the KKK.

After multiple surveys and discussion among the board, the list was narrowed down to nine. That list will be presented to the community on Monday, July 13 with an explainer.

One reason why Horsfall says they are not ready to share, “We want to reserve those names until we can provide that information in full.”

Voting will be conducted over three weeks, each week the list will be shortened based on number of votes and by Aug. 1, a name will be decided.

(credit: CBS)

“One of the things we try to keep in mind in this neighborhood, is we were formed by a green book that expressed certain principals, one of which is inclusivity. For us, this is a chance for us to get back to what that neighborhood was founded on,” he said.

Karen Morfitt

  1. Scott Hughes says:

    There is a number of written accounts of the relevant history of Ben Stapleton that he turned on the KKK by gathering a special task force (made up of WWI veterans from an American Legion chapter) to conduct raids on KKK controlled illegal establishments. The KKK subsequently lost control of the region. He also officially welcomed delegates of the NAACP to Denver in June 1925 and a person who is “racist” would not do that. Not including that information in reports regarding the history concerning him is slander and it’s wrong that the press perpetuates that.

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