DENVER(CBS)- A lone severe t-storm provide some scary moments and some damage on Thursday night from near Brighton across DIA all the way out to Limon.


The storm developed and blew up just north of Denver and dropped damaging hail, dangerous lightning and branch breaking wind gusts from about 8pm thru 10pm Thursday night.


60 mph winds and hail the size of lemons to tennis balls were reported in a few isolated areas along the storm path.

Credit: Gary Weakland, Watkins

Hail also hit DIA and other communities north and east of Denver.



In addition, to the severe elements of the storm there were hundreds of lighting strikes across Weld, Denver, Adams, Arapahoe and Lincoln Counties. With much of the storm captured in CBS4 viewer pictures.


No storms are in the forecast for Friday. Only extreme heat in the triple digits for many.

  1. Mary says:

    Really curious as to why the article stated that the hail was described as the “size of lemons to tennis balls” – then showed a LIME.

    For folks who are curious about the comparative sizes:
    lime (shown) – average size: about 1 1/5″ in diameter, about 6 average sized limes per pound (and usually round and GREEN)
    lemon (not shown) – average size: 1 1/2″ in diameter; about 4 average sized lemons per pound (and usually oval and YELLOW)
    tennis ball (not shown) ranges from 2.575 and 2.700 inches in diameter (at least twice as large as the fruits)

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