NEDERLAND, Colo. (CBS4) — Explosions coming from a remote home in the mountain town of Nederland have caused windows and homes to rattle for nearly a week now. Since late last week, controlled explosions conducted by multiple agencies, including the ATF, have been heard throughout the area — with no explanation. On Friday, the mayor issued a statement saying “homemade explosives and incendiary devices” were found at the property.

(credit: CBS)

“Since the explosion on July 3, a multi-agency team has been investigating a property in the Big Springs area,” Mayor Kristopher Larsen stated. “During the investigation, law enforcement officials discovered homemade explosives and incendiary devices. Some of these explosives were deemed too dangerous to transport and were detonated on location.”

“Town officials and law enforcement recognize that these detonations may have been unsettling and wish to reassure members of the Nederland community that the detonations were both necessary and carried out with the utmost care,” the mayor said. “Community safety has been, and will remain, the top priority.”

(credit: CBS)

“Because the investigation is ongoing, law enforcement cannot release additional details at this time, however the majority of the explosive material found on site has been eliminated,” Larsen stated.

“All involved agencies have been forthcoming with information with town staff, but until this point in time we have been unable to share these details with our community,” the mayor stated.

Nobody in the public has been told what started the investigation, nor who is at the center of the investigation.

Agencies involved in the investigation include the Nederland Police Department, Nederland Fire Department, and the Boulder County Regional Bomb Squad. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and other federal agencies, and the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office also assisted in the investigation.

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