DENVER (CBS4) – An excessive force investigation by the Denver Police Department has resulted in the unpaid suspensions of two officers. The suspensions will last 10 days each. One different officer who was involved in the situation previously resigned from the department before he could be fired.

The case under investigation happened in August 2018 when three officers were responding to calls of a teenager who was acting strange. The suspect was never seen with a weapon and never tried to assault the officers, according to records.

Officer Douglas Watson and Officer James Martinez say they never felt threatened.

Joseph Rodarte (credit: Denver Police Department)

Sgt. Joseph Rodarte used his baton to beat the suspect, breaking his nose and one leg. He was arrested and charged with assault but acquitted by a jury. He later resigned.

Denver police say the other officers used a stun gun to restrain the teen, which is against code in such situations.

The two officers will start their leave on July 12.


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