By Audra Streetman

ESTES PARK, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding people to secure their garbage after a doe was found with a trash can lid around its neck. Estes Park Police and a CPW wildlife officer responded to help the nursing animal.

(credit: CPW NE Region)

The trash can lid was safely removed from the doe’s neck. CPW officials called the situation “heartbreaking” and “completely avoidable.”

(credit: CPW NE Region)

“Please do not leave any unsecured garbage outside where animals can get into them,” stated CPW NE Region on Twitter. “Not only is human-derived food potentially harmful to wildlife, but can lead to entanglements such as this.”

Audra Streetman

  1. “CPW officials called the situation … “completely unavoidable.”[sic]” — I think it’s more likely that you substituted “unavoidable” for “avoidable”.

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