By Meteorologist Lauren Whitney

The hot weather has settled into Colorado, and it won’t be going away anytime soon.

The Front Range and plains will spend the entire week in the mid to upper 90s, but possible could crack into the triple digits for the first time this summer on Friday. We could do it again on Saturday.

Many parts of eastern Colorado could hit the 100+ range several times this week.

Along with the heat, we will also get a lot of wind. Fire danger will be extremely high Tuesday and Wednesday as we will be very hot, dry, and windy. Red Flag Warnings and Fire Weather Watches will be in place both days.

The heat stays strong all week and even into next week. As of now, there isn’t much relief in sight from this heat.

Meteorologist Lauren Whitney

  1. Suzan MK Kuest says:

    Just wanted to let you and Dave know that I must be in a banana belt of sorts as my temps are almost always above Denver’s and DIA’s. I live in Northglenn and my current temperature is 108. For several years I thought that my gauge was inaccurate on my front porch so I bought another for my backyard where there is a large deck so I figured that I would see a difference…but no, the temps are the same. This is the highest for me in the Denver area ever! I have had at least 5 days where the temp has been in the 100’s so far this year so this proves that I am hotter in Northglenn than the rest of the area. .

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