DENVER (CBS4) – Demonstrators plan to gathered at Manual High School on Saturday to protest mass incarceration, immigrant detention and how Native American reservations are treated.

Rise Up Rally in Denver (credit: CBS)

The Rise Up Rally, organized by 10for10, is scheduled for 5 p.m. The group of Black young men says they unite communities and Black men through community service.

(credit: 10for10)

“Two hundred and twenty-five years later, African American, Women, Native Americans, LGBTX and our Latinx communities still do not enjoy the independence signed on July 4th, 2020,” organizers stated on social media.

The same group marched in Aurora on Friday to demand justice for Elijah McClain.

“We reached out to a lot of the youth leaders who felt like they haven’t been able to reach the community with their voice or haven’t had a platform,” one young man said. “From the native american community and the issues that they deal with to the LGBTQ community, to women’s rights.”


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